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20-07-2005, 06:34 PM
I just bought my PSP & a coworker turned me on to emulators & playing all of the old school Nintendo games. I gave him my 128mb memory stick & he did his thing. Everything worked fine. When he was done I had 30mb left on the memory stick. I must have played some of the games ten times. He even gave me some JPG pictures of some ladies. I just tried to play some games & they are gone. It is reading that the free space is 0kb & the user capacity is 0kb under games, video, music & photos. Under the photos it reads 0kb free space & 0 images but the pics are still there. ???? Any suggestions?

20-07-2005, 08:14 PM
hey welcome to the forum!

Well I had this problem with my ps1, I turn it on and all my games were gone. I'm not sure if this happened to you but I turned off my ps1 while it was saving and all my games were gone, so do you remember shutting down the psp or the battery died while it was saving or mabey (im not sure if it applys to ->) when it was loading. Theres been some problems with the 1.5 firmware and the emulator but that wouldnt erase anything. Thats all I can think of.

there are some threads here that will help with putting the emulator back on your card

Sorry about that, thats a bummer. so good luck with that.