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04-03-2007, 01:15 AM
I am looking forward to play Vanguard . I am from the pre-cu SWG, I do not hate SOE, I hate the part of SOE who make SWG crap. They have many games some are crap some are good, depands on people.
Now for the publishing, I see people saying they will not play because of SOE publish the game or if Microsoft publish a game. So according to you guys I should cross of my list the 2 games I am expecting the most Q4 because of their publisher, Age of Conan = MS, Vanguard = SOE. Come on guys they will only publish the game not make it or change it.

I enjoyed SWG when it first came out for about 2 months. The quests were horrid, and the while the harvesting and crafting system was AWESOME, the final result of crafting was not. Right when I thought about giving SWG a second try I started to hear how screwed up the game was.

I was following Vanguard too, untill I found out that SOE had got involved. Now there is just no way. No way will I ever touch a product that I know SOE is connected with.
Having expierenced first hand what SOE can and will do gives me a strong suspicion that something bad will happen with Vanguard. It might be 6 months or even a year after going live. But knowing SOE....they'll try and pull something

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16-03-2007, 09:00 AM
whats vanguard sage of hero?