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The Juggler
05-11-2007, 01:10 AM
Ok... got this a little while ago.... played Halflife 2 on the PC but the write ups have been very good plus a nipper at work has it and said it was good.

This game is really worth your wonga.... on the disk is...
Halflife 2.
Halflife 2 Episode 2
Halflife 2 episode 3
Team Fortress

Halflife 2 is just a port from the pc version... nothing special added just the same GREAT game as I remembered it on the pc... took me some 14 hours to finish it.
Halflife 2 Episode 2 is the next story on from Halflife... and it is great... a little bit shorter at some 7 hours but really worth it... same great graphics and story line with a few JUMP moments too.
Halflife 2 Episode 3 is the next chapter from the episode 2. Again great story and some of the 'secrets' are starting to be revealed to you, which is great... MAJOR shockj at the end and completely unforseen.... I HATE CLIFF HANGERS... can't wait for episode 4.
Portal is a great little (about 2 hours or so) puzzle game. Very easy puzzles once you get the hang of portal usage... trust me it does your head in at first. Make surte you listen to the computer voice as it is VERY funny at times. Even gun turrets talk to you.
Team Fortress... online team games with a comic twist that is quite refreashing in a way... only dabbled but had a blast (literally) so far.

If you have ever played Halflife on any platform I highly recomend that you guys get this... if you have not played the games before you could get into it by buying this Orange box but it would be a shame to miss out on the original game to see what and why you are where you are.



06-12-2007, 07:49 PM
I like Team Fortress 2 of the best. I love how each can can help each other out and a huge team aspect to it. So many interesting game types. I love Team Fortress 2.