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26-10-2007, 12:52 PM
Super Paper Mario - Nintendo Wii (September 2007)


For those of you that haven't ever played a previous Paper Mario game, I'll fill you in on the basics. Basically, you are Mario, and you walk around doing quests, going through dungeons and fighting bosses.

Super Paper Mario breaks from the Mario RPG tradition and fundamentally changes the way you play it. No longer is there random battles. Random encounters have been replaced with real time fighting, done in the level on the same screen you would collect your keys and jump over platforms. And it works. The older titles would have you bump into and enemy, and then load onto another screen and have you select your attacks in stopped time. Now you see an enemy, jump on it, and thats that.
So Super Paper Mario comes across like a Platformer/RPG hybrid of sorts, as you level up and have a set damage and hp level, as do your enemies. By doing this Intelligent Systems and Nintendo have produced a fresh, new innovative game that never falters in pace.

The graphics are quite nice. Beautiful 2D textures and nicely animated characters really bring the world to life.

Apart from the battle system, the biggest change in the Paper Mario series has to be switching from 2D to 3D. You can do it at any time, for an albeit limited time, to solve puzzles and get past obstacles. When in 3D everything looks a bit bland, but it doesn't matter considering the amount of time Intelligent Systems put into making those puzzles, and you don't spend long amounts of time in 3D, so it doesn't really matter.

Overall Super Paper Mario is a great game, with an average main quest length, but added that you can continue the game once you've finished it, you have yourself a lengthy, enjoyable game. It is a must get for any Nintendo fan, or anyone looking for a new game on Wii.

Score : 9/10

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Lightning Strike
26-10-2007, 01:03 PM
Nice review Prometheus

27-10-2007, 09:16 PM
So does this game compare with the N64 version Paper Mario? Also, is that connected to Super Mario RPG on the SNES?

28-10-2007, 01:46 PM
Nice review I bought It not to long ago.

28-10-2007, 02:37 PM
So does this game compare with the N64 version Paper Mario? Also, is that connected to Super Mario RPG on the SNES?

yeah it does compare with Paper Mario on N64, except its more fast paced, and I dont think the level design and overall worlds are as good as the N64 version, which was awesome back in the day.

Yeah it is connected to Super Mario RPG, then came Paper Mario, then Paper Mario: the thousand year door and now Super Paper Mario. that is considered the series.