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27-10-2007, 07:41 PM
Sim City 2000 - PC (Released 1993)

Another classic game review. Sim City 2000 is possibly one of the greatest strategy games ever made. Sequel to the hit Sim City, this builds (no pun intended) on that game by improving ABSOLUTELY everything about it.

The concept is relatively simple : you are a mayor of a city, and you are given a budget to construct from the ground up a sprawling metropolis. You set out the building blocks....laying down zones of residential, commercial and industrial, you power them via a number of power plants, you make sure water and transport is available by roads, trains and pipes......then you watch your beautiful empty wasteland grow into a massive thriving living city.

Sounds simple? Well the learning curve is perfect, but the game is far from easy. Many things can stop your city from being perfect....natural disasters being one of them, from tornado's, to floods and fires, to some not-so-natural disasters like riots and ummmm alien invasions! Also, making sure you don't overspend is also key. You need to balance the books, and keep residents happy by not overtaxing them, otherwise they will leave for a neighbouring town leaving you more out of pocket.

This game took hours/days/weeks/months out of my life! So very addictive - you couldn't put it down. This game mean't so much more to me than the original Sim City. Why? Because the level of detail was just not seen on this scale before. You really felt this was your city you were developing. Graphically, it may not look much now, but this was very clever, intricate stuff. Buildings all looked different, and it just looked how I wanted - I still think it looks great today. The PC version was the ultimate, but this game appeared on virtually every machine going at the time.

Sequels since, have come and gone. I have bought both Sim City 3000 and 4.....but they just aren't as good in my opinion. Sim City 2000 is the definitive city planning game, and one of the most important PC games ever made, along with Doom, Civilisation and Half Life. Awesome stuff.

Score : 9/10




28-10-2007, 08:04 AM
Boo! No one else love and remember this game?!?