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Vyse the Legend
07-10-2008, 01:34 PM
Resistance: Fall of Man (Released for PS3)


Launch titles, let's face it are one of the key defining things that will decide whether you will buy that console straight away, or wait until some better titles are released down the line. Now typically for me, good launch titles have tended to few and far between, where you will usually have the odd game that you want, but the rest can be so bad, that not even for free would you think of going near them. So when I saw the PS3 launch list I really didn't see much there to excite me, and was very close to leaving it altogether, however one game did stand out as looking really good, and this is that game. So how did the game turn out, and did I end up regretting getting it, let's have a look!

The year is 1951, and even though World War II never took place, things look even more grim for the human population. You see a mysterious alien force, seemingly emerging out of Russia known as the Chimera, have slowly taken over the whole of Europe, and are currently finishing off Britain. In the course of taking over Europe they are able to infect humans and turn them into members of there own army, (kinda like the Borg, if you happen to be a Star Trek nerd like me! :p ) So let's face it, we're doomed, how can anyone get us out of this situation, I mean there's no Superman, Batman, Spiderman, but hang on...... enter our new hero Sgt Nathan Hale. Sgt Hale is an American (yep can always rely on them,) to come over as part of a US force to help try and prevent the final few British strongholds from being wiped out. So how is one man going to stop the Chimera from taking over, well you see, he is no ordinary soldier, and it's up to you to remove send these aliens packing using whatever means neccessary!


(Above) Now it's safe to say that the Chimeran forces certainly won't win any beauty contests.

So how does the game play? Well really typically like your average FPS, so you will have to battle your way through hoards of Chimera, through varying British towns and cities in an attempt to reach the heart of the enemy, where a final battle awaits. Sounds pretty familiar right? Well, as you may know, I'm not the greatest FPS fan in the world, but I already enjoy battling strange alien forces than the Germans or Russians, and when you see the enemies you will be coming up against, they are anything but normal. You have your typical grunts that holster all manners of guns, to strange mutant like dogs, giant spiders, giants with rocket launchers, flying laser wielding guys, really all kinds of strange oddities that words can't alone describe. One thing I can say though is that they aren't easy to fight. The AI in this game is one the best I've played, where enemy forces really use the enviroment and numbers to there advantage, and won't always just charge you at distance, so you can take them out easily. Don't be surprised, particulary on later levels to end up dying a few times, and having to change your strategy in order to win!

Now for me, one of the best features in the game, is the brilliant array of weapons you have at your disposal. Each one has two functions, and none of them really ever feel pointless, and you will end up finding using them all at some point in the game, depending on the situation. For example, the Auger is able to shoot through walls, so perfect when trying to take out lots of forces in a nearby room, without taking damage. You have sniper rifles that slow down time, heat seeking bullets than can be locked on to any enemy, even one that fires plastic explosive mines, to destroy Chimera as they approach you. How you choose to use each is up to you, but the choice is there and waiting to be used to blow those Chimera to little pieces. Of course for the weapons to be effective, you will need a good control system and this game really doesn't disappoint. Changing and firing weapons can be done with a simple tap of a button, as can bringing the map up or crouching. You are also able to pause the action whilst changing guns, so for any beginners to the genre, you won't have to worry about a lack of time to make a decision. Enemies will fly at you from all directions, so you have to be quick, and thanks to the excellent controls, taking them out can be easy rather than always being a sitting duck, as you get peppered with bullets.


(Above) Throughout the game, you will encounter help, just don't expect them to live that long!

Graphically the game is very impressive, and taking part in a battle, whilst all manners of explosions and buildings being destroyed, really is a treat on the eyes. The enviroments themselves are all very well designed, and most do look just like you would expect from a 1951 version of Britain, but there lies one of the game's problems. Many of the areas, all feel to bland, and you do end up going through many levels that do feel and look the same, which is disappointing, and as you may expect, there is at times too much grey, brown and black then should be. Still thankfully there are also some very good driving sections to mix things up. From controlling a huge tank to take on large forces whilst driving through the streets, or with the help of a gunner, drive an army tank, straight through Chimera countryside bases, taking down everything and everyone. Mind you these sections are incredibly easy, and you wonder why with the strength of these vehicles, the Chimera are so dominant.

I really can't say much about the soundtrack, because I was so busy fighting off hoards of enemies, but I do remember it being of a high quality, and all the sounds effects are spot on. The voice acting whilst very limited (as there really are only about 4 or 5 main characters,) is also good, even if Sgt Hale does sound like the most dullest man you are ever likely to meet, certainly not the outgoing type for sure!


(Above) Even a nice trip to the countryside can be fun, when it leads to encounters with these!

So it's safe to say the single player mode is very good, but wait, there is more in the form of one of the best online modes you can find. Online you can join a whole variety of games, ranging from 8 to 40 players, each being able to play as a human or Chimera. You have your typical 'catch the flag' and 'deathmatch' modes as well as others, and many stages have been modelled from the game, so you will be able to go back through places that you enjoyed, and see how good your human opponents are at killing you, than the AI. I really didn't play that many matches, but I can say, that the few I did play were a lot of fun, and I didn't encounter any lag what-so-ever. There is also a ranking system, that will enable you to judge how good the quality of your opponents are, and to be able to show off to others. Only downside I could find was, especially on smaller stages, you could often be respawn straight into an existing battle, and die instantly, which did become a bit of a pain, especially for someone as useless as me. :p

Conclusion. Now in a world of FPS where there are so many games out there on the market, just waiting to be tried, it will take a very special game to be able to reach that higher level, and for me Resistance is one of those. I won't say it's perfect, and that there are some areas that could be improved, but so much in this game is done right, and done well, that no matter how experienced or a fan of FPS you are, you will still find a special place in your heart for this game, and for a launch title to still be so highly regarded today, that's saying a lot!

+ Brilliant arsenal of weapons, that offer lots of explosive options
+ Extremely good AI and enemy design, that will keep you on your toes throughout
+ Awesome online mode that along with the one-player could keep you busy for a long time

- A lot of the enviroments do feel the same, and will get a little repetitive
- No online co-op, which will disappoint many wanting a fun new challenge
- Pretty rubbish comrade AI, which in comparison to the enemy AI, seems unfair.

Overall - 9/10

07-10-2008, 05:14 PM
i like the pictures. makes me wanna get the game, if i had a PS3.

07-10-2008, 05:19 PM
game looks cool, a little scary too :p, anyway nice review dude! :D

07-10-2008, 07:58 PM
Yeah it was a great launch title. People tend to frown upon it because it doesn't compare to other games, but they compare them to games that game out a year after the actual system was launched. This is was sort of a testing ground for Insomniac as they tried to get the hang of the newer & more complex system. Now that they have experience, I feel that the second installment of this serious will be something special.

When you look at those pictures, the colors are bland and seem dark n grey. The new Resistance is full of color and full of variety. As for the soundtrack you mentioned, I think there was only a handful of music in the background. I heard the same music from time to time.

For anyone who has a PS3 look out for Resistance 2, a longer, bigger, more diverse, & chaotic game.

Star Hustler
07-10-2008, 08:00 PM
I played this game but never got around to beat it, I just sort of stopped playing it but my boyfriend beat it and he loved it and is very excited for the 2nd one to come out. Nice review nonetheless. :)

Vyse the Legend
07-10-2008, 10:25 PM
The second one definately got me excited the moment I saw the trailer for it at E3, if you haven't seen it, you should try, because that scene with Hale going against the HUGE Chimera looks amazing!!