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  1. OK I can understand that. From what I can tell it will be a while before we can actually meet up, until we get through a bunch of quests, so the first few days might just be chatting about how things are going, funny stuff etc. If I'm not on, then I'll likely be logging on at random points when not playing other games like Xillia, so feel free to say hi at any stage if we are both on the game.

    Sure we will eventually be able to all join up and adventure together, should be fun.
  2. I'll join you later on it, but I'll message you on Ps3, I don't want to be on this site for a while. I have a feeling a certain member has been telling porkies to keep me and someone else apart. I'm very hurt to have trusted anyone on here again with my private affairs. You really do need to be careful with who you call friend these days.
  3. Just going to start (well at least try), now, though knowing me, might take a little while deciding what character to make haha. Not sure how long I'll be on, guess for a few hours or something, unless I run into problems, or get super addicted.
  4. What time?
  5. Heyo, just to let you know I was planning on starting FF tomorrow, and whilst I still think we'll have to spend a few days playing alone before actually being able to find each other, if you want to experience the start of the game with me, then I'll be lurking in the chatbox to laugh at how lost I am.
  6. Oh so they did randomly put one of the DLC on sale after all, thanks a lot for letting me know!

    Kind of weird it's only the one DLC though, oh well, beats none I guess. Yet more points needed haha.
  7. Hey, just letting you know that Omega is on sale at 600msp, it's normally 1200. Just browsing through nelson's blog and seen it there.
  8. All the optional missions are pretty disappointing, given they all visit the same locations, (for the most part), and don't feel like much else than you do in the main story. I know the co-op missions are a little more interesting as you get the Carver hallucination sequences, but that's about it.

    And there are hardly any puzzles in the game. Those moving the analogue sticks isn't really a puzzle, and neither are listening to those glyph sounds, so that was disappointing, but hey it's an action game, what do you expect these days haha. I've heard though there are more enemies in co-op, and as this will be the first real time we've played the game co-op, should be both fun, and full of death I'm sure.
  9. Was enjoying the optional missions, then for some reason they became horde mode and less about investigating, and less interesting. Wish there was more puzzle based ones, but nay. That last one was a real kick to the groin, not sure if you did it, but if you did then you'll know what I mean. lol Thanks for the guide, pretty sure I picked up the majority, but we'll see, there shouldn't be too many collectibles left single-player wise. What co-op has in store I'll never know, just hope the enemies don't multiply. :s

    Will see you on saturday at 3:30pm!!
  10. Oh and forget to say, you can obviously view your progress as we play, just to make sure that all the collectables have been got, rather than ending up missing any. Because that would be a pain otherwise, especially having to do more backtracking than we need in TS mode. Heck even doing the sidequests will be more hassle in TS mode, but we need to do those sadly.
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