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  1. done and done!
  2. Could you sort this person out Adam, I'm limited to a phone atm, illegal ads and links in their Sig -
  3. it's so handy, i carry it about in the kitchen and everything i barely use on screen play anymore, wii u and xbox netflix! oh bliss
  4. Killing beasties while they mind their own business. Dynasty Warriors isn't really my thing, I'll pass.

    Tempted to set it up and play it whilst on the loo now though!
  5. morally conflicted about what? there's a dynasty warriors game on it too, which i only recently realised and bought if thats your thing
  6. I haven't set it up yet but l'll give you the code when l do. Just no space at the moment.

    Not sure about ZombieU to be honest, it did look good, but kind've complex. I'll look into Pikman 3, it does look fun alright. I might like Mario 3D, not sure, not my favorite gaming series, but l did enjoy Galaxy. Might get Monster Hunter when it's cheaper, l liked the demo, but l was morally conflicted.
  7. didn't know you had a wii u! What's your nintendo code thingy? Depends on what you're into really, Lego City is brilliant, like GTA/Simpsons hit and run, not played 101 yet. I'd definitely recommend Pikmin 3, it's a brilliant game even if you've never played the first two, it's great fun. Super mario 3D world is the best Mario game in ages, so colourful and great fun. Then there's monster hunter, which i've got but barely played it, same for Zombiu. but i reckon you'd love zombiu, you love your zombie survival games don't ya?
  8. Yeah it feels really wrong incorporating a story into the Sonicverse, the first Sonic animated series pretty much summed up what Sonic is or should be. Just a laugh l did like Sonic Brotherhood though.

    Pretty sure Sonic called him Robuttnik in the tv series. xD

    I got a Wii U for Xmas can you recommend any game. I'm thinking of Wonderful 101 and Lego City Undercover plus Bayonetta 2, can't think of anything else till X comes out. I have Windwaker.
  9. everyone called generations **** because it had no real story, but to be honest, it's a sonic game, you don't expect a good story yeah he does same goes for my cousins! I think it's because they're all well into their twenties so they know him as that
  10. Sonic and the Secret Rings put me right off the Sonic series for a while. A Sonic sale came up a few weeks ago on live so l purchased the Sonic games which appealed to me. Generations was very nostalgic from what l played, and seem to put the series back on track. Disappointed to know they ****ed it up again.

    I take it he knows him as Robotnik too, us fussy Robotniks basterds eh? xD
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