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  1. Aaahh good to hear mate, good to hear
  2. I never lost my job matey dont worry
    Ime fine, But with buying the house ime kind of broke LOL
  3. Aww dude did you end up losing your job?

    Wondered why you have been quiet lately.
  4. Nahhh my next purchase will be the new AC.
    Once I have some money that is....
  5. Haha smartarse. I haven't got mine yet bud so if you do get it shout n we'll have a game m8
  6. WHATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont you dare speak to me for at least a year Titchy.
  7. Not interested anymore mate.
    Got bored of it.
  8. Why aint you got cod?
  9. oops sorry bro i will, still stuck on level 5 because i keep getting the same bloody map and i just want to snipe lol.
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