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  1. Hey Vyse i mainly post from the PS3 mate so because the browser is so old its more bother than its worth mate. Like this reply and when i use the post message button it doesn't work, i have to click it and then refresh the page which somehow works lol.

    Thanks anyway mate.
  2. Hi Willo. Have noticed that you don't seem to use the multi-quote function the forum has, and wasn't sure if you either don't like using it, or just didn't know we had one. If you do already, forgive this post haha.

    If not, just to the right of the usual 'reply with quote' option, is a speech bubble with a plus next to it. Click that next to all the posts you wish to reply to, (should place a tick next to it), and when you start your own reply, all those posts will appear, and you can reply that way to each, than doing it the way you have been.
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