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  1. yo bro got a new sig which i really like and just wanted to know your thoughts on it. Also the site is letting loads of d*ck heads in isnt it??
  2. thanks for the support in my thread i also done another one with the text a bit bigger for those people who think text is a vocal point of a sig
  3. Yeah i was on ps3 at the time buddy, i'll check it asap.
  4. i posted sig again dark and gloryboy is able to see the new sig may be a problem with what ever your using to get on INTERNET mate .
  5. i done a few new sigs bro go take a look
  6. Thanks mate
  7. Ok try this when you have done sig, create a new layer at top and fill with black or dark blue whatever, then go render create light source, use 3rd one in list and mk it bright, then go through all layer options, usually screen, lighten or linear dodge work best, lower the opacity until it looks good, this helps blend your render as well as creating a light source mate, like i said if you dont try these things you will get stuck in a rut, just ask if you need help mate.
  8. Its becasue am trying to learn to add back grounds and use the light from the backgrounds mate :/ lol
  9. Aah fair enough m8.

    Ok 1st far too dark, the burn tool should nt be used so much either, 2nd is far too ablaze and both need the focal sorting out, the 2nd sig has no focal point at all, i advise you to go to deviantart and follow some tuts to the letter to learn how to use lighting properly, you keep going back to your old ways m8, keep it simple, look at other sigs thn look at how dark or ablaze your 2 are, dnt tk it as me being harsh i just want to see you develop m8. Do lots of tuts.
  10. I didt mean pick which one and they not finished as they just trying out diffrent things with cs6 i going to do a hole new sig for the Sotm its i just need to know what to improve on both of these so i can mix both types off stuff into one
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