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  1. Done, I've managed to clear some space, and thanks Willo
  2. lol I know, I know I need to get rid of some old msgs bloody sentimental crap! lol I will I promise
  3. One n Only sigh..........

    got your pm but you just dont throw messages out do you lol........,clear some space lolol.

    And yes those links will work on new laptop, just follow the instructions like last time. Although i will send you the links for the cs6 one, that is installable and obviously much better with more stuff so if you need help just ask...i'll link you to cs6 sometime tonight One in pm........hint hint CLEAR SOME
  4. Aah glad to hear it hun, i know people who will regret not doing what your doing, you never get these times back. She sounds a right handful lol, the energy they have is awesome isn't it, i get tired just watching little uns haha.

    Hubby hmmm, try not to blame him he is a man after all lol and yes we are big babies. Men can feel kinda forgotten about when you have young bubbies but im sure both of you are just tired so it will settle soon so just enjoy it.

    Dont worry about PS i know you have a chaotic time atm, may help you relax though, when your not sleeping that is haha.

    Your welcome she sounds proper awesome bless. Lets hope for a nice quiet week then huh!!!

    Laters mate.
  5. Hey dude, thanks for the vm

    She's going through phases one week shes amazing and the next, well I'm up at least 2 hours in the middle of the night! But hey I figured this phase isn't gonna last, before I know it she'll be kicking me out of her room! So we sneak out of the bedroom to let hubby sleep (only on his works nights! lol) and go downstairs and play.

    It's becoming some of my favourite times, she does the sweetest things while we're playing bless her. So yeah I'm learning to deal with my daughter, it's the other big fat baby in my bed who's getting on my nerves atm. I'm putting that down to lack of sleep though lol.

    I promise to catch up on PS! Wouldn't wanna get into trouble with you now

    Thanks for checking up on me, means a lot
  6. Heya One hows the bubby doing? her teething better yet lol?

    I haven't seen any work from you so im gathering you have your hands full, i hope everything is ok mate. Lack of sleep is a nightmare huh!!!

    But all worth it though am i right? especially when you see their little goofy smiles.

    Work missus i will turn you into the greatest sig maker this site has ever witnessed haha.

    Laters hope all is good
  7. Oh i could lie to you but i wont lol, wait until your in the supermarket and she throws a wobbler haha, but its totally worth it and your probably just tired atm. I seen a cb comment that she is teething poor little mite, she will settle once she is over that One. Think how horrible it is for her when her little gums are hurting?...

    Teething is probably the worst thing you will go through because if she is awake then im certain you are. Very important you get some time to sleep so you can be a good mummy.

    And who knows she could be an angel at 2, aaaah only another 16 and a bit years to go One.......hehe
  8. Oh pleeease don't tell me it gets worse! I'm so cranky already!
  9. Haha lol lol lol..........

    Heya One yeah completely understandable they tire me out just watching them, Just shout anytime i have everything you need tbh as i have most of the Internets content. So if there are certain renders (characters n whatnot) or resources you need i'll pack them up for you, it will save you time and its actually a very good way to relax lol.

    No probs hun glad everything is ok, but just wait till she hits the terrible two's........oooh boy haha
  10. Hey dude! Hows it goin, just wanted to let you know that I still appreciate all your PS help I'll get back to it as soon as I can my monster is keeping me on my toes atm lol barely get to use the loo! Not that you needed to know that but hey ho
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