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  1. Nice one
  2. sweet cheers guy. found a 24 month contract for 20, think i'll get that
  3. For the money it's probably one of the best phones you can get mate, just bare in mind that it's got no expandable memory so if you plan to store a lot of content on it ( apps, music, films etc etc) then you may struggle.
  4. yo, figured you're in the know about these things, so thought I'd ask. Nexus 4, worth it for 272? my contract runs up soon, and i've had a look on the internet and most people seem to prefer this to competitors at a similar price range. any help? tar
  5. oooh burn
  6. nah, she's a lovely girl but not my type..if i'm going to put my marriage on the line it would have to be with a better bit of tail than her
  7. Teach him a lesson...cheat on this wife
  8. lol..after 10 years of marriage i gave him the benefit of my experience but he decided to ignore it, can't say i didn't warn him
  9. "Ruin his life" Bitter? Much?
  10. lol Hopefully this will correct that oversight... been away for the weekend helping my best mate ruin his life by getting married so have had 9 pages of posts to flick through and hardly anything to post in :P
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