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  1. True but there's only one Cronus =P
  2. make it sound like i'm a collector from ME2
  3. Hey, you've kept through your years and have retained a pretty solid personality, I'd say that's an indisputable upside ^^
    Even if your body is a whithered husk capable of the bear minimum these days and looking like a prune far past its sell-by date-hey! That's only natural!
  4. Just about the only thing that hasn't
  5. Your spirit hasn't whithered over the years, evidentially ^^
  6. With enough in the tank to stick me walking stick up yer arse!!
  7. Probably near some specialist store. Think you can make it to the nearest one with those knees mate?
  8. That's it, where the bloody hair dye!!!!
  9. Oh, well, I promise I didn't noticed the grey hairs either? =P
  10. Bah! you cheeky fecker. I was hoping no on would notice
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