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  1. feel free pal. I barely play any games on Steam, but i'm always on it
  2. Four years is a long while, isn't it? Hope you're well, man. Keep seeing you on Steam but never think to bug you on it haha.
  3. steedy outta nowhere after four years!
  4. rude the roolwars
  5. Haha as always ;D
  6. Ooh how philosophical
  7. Haha, if anything, perhaps my return to gaming itself Been pretty groovy over here though. Hella busy though, hence my constant lack of activity here D:
  8. sup dude. going alright, no complaints. You? What's sparked this sudden return?
  9. Duuuuude. It's been quite some time. How's it going?
  10. Thank you!
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