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  1. I'm hoping it's Misty Day! But have a feeling it might shock us by revealing Nan as the next supreme. I find it difficult to root for any of those girls hahaha They're all so naughty!

    Sure I'd love to play again, l'll be on a bit late though!
  2. I want misty! What about you? Yeah I'll give them both a go to see how I get on! Fancy Minecraft again Sunday? I promise I'll help again haha
  3. So who are you rooting for in AHS to be the next supreme?

    Also I'll recommend Supernatural along with Sleepy Hollow as your next show, they both seem down your alley.
  4. Well. I had food poisoning at Christmas and since then my stomach has not been the same. When I eat things like beans and some spicy food or even when I'm stressed out or really tired I get really bad cramps and then toilet troubles. I went doctors and they said to keep a food diary and was wondering is there any tests they can do the decifer whether I have IBs. The doctors said it could be and was just a bit curious/worried about it
  5. Did you want to know something about IBS, or did you find what you needed?
  6. Yeah it still cuts me up thinking about it, but I guess killing off a central character was bound to happen in order to tense things up in the current situation, which felt like it was going nowhere till now. Can't wait to see what Rick does about Nevan, he sure does give the Governor a run for his money in the biggest basterd category.

    Here's an interesting read by the way that might give the death more justification. >,82417/
  7. I finally read issue 100 of walking dead. Whyyy??? So sad.
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