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  1. Bond. I much prefer Daniel Craig as you. The others seem too cheesey and like you agree that Bond would be able to withstand such punishment. I loved Goldfinger. "No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!"
    Favourite Bond girl. Hmmm Tatiana Romanova. She was beautiful. I loved the lady who played the part of her.
  2. I like Daniel Craig a lot. Physically, he is the only man to play Bond who looks as though he could believably take the punishment Bond did in the books. I couldn't see Brosnan or even Connery withstanding the torture scene at Le Chiffre's place. So he's possibly the truest cinematic 007 to Fleming's original vision, which comes out in the writing of his films too.

    Favourite girl:The novel version of Tiffany Case from Diamonds Are Forever. I think she was written very well. Fierce but vulnerable. As for the films, in terms of looks, Camille from Quantum of Solace. Overall, i liked Elektra King from the World is Not Enough, but she probably qualifies as more of a villain.

    Best villain. Alec Trevalyan from GoldenEye. Teehee (Live and Let Die) is my favourite henchman. It is a shame they didn't include the part from Goldfinger where Auric, mad at his cat, gives it to Oddjob for dinner. So many cool character moments from the books didn't make it to the films.

    How about you?
  3. Is it silly to ask who you prefer playing Bond? And who is your favourite baddie And Bond girl?
  4. I enjoy the books too. In some regards i prefer them to the cinematic Bond, but it's a close thing.

    From Russia With Love is a good choice. If i end up getting a PS4 and need to come up with a new gamertag, 'I Use A Lighter' (part of the code Bond used to identify the contact at the train station) is something that i'm considering. Though it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

    I may have to re-read some of the novels for ideas. I'd say that that Live and Let Die is my favourite, followed by Moonraker.
  5. I prefer to read Bond. From Russia with Love is just my ultimate favourite.
  6. Affirmative. It's from the opening sequence of Casino Royale, when Bond kills Dryden.

    Dryden: How did he die?
    Bond: Your contact? Not well.
    Dryden: Well you needn't worry, the second i...[Bond shoots him]
    Bond: Yes. Considerably.

    It's one of my absolute favourite lines. It blends the coldness and eloquence of 007 beautifully, which is why i adopted it as a gamertag/online identity. I feel it fits me well.

    Do you like Bond much yourself?
  7. Random question. But yes , considerably is a Bond quote?
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