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  1. other sites ? DansGame?

    I stream alot on twitch now, its pretty fun
  2. Nope I died a horrible death a long time ago haha. This place has been dead for ages so just moved on, amazed that you even visited this place (well a month ago, so doubt you'll see this anyway). But yeah if you do, hello. I'm still on my 360 sometimes, and on some other sites, so I'm not lost forever.
  3. Vyse, are you alive?
  4. War. Is. Jericho.
  5. I was on and you werent fail. Hope youre all goooood
  6. Haha, oh I think everyone loved the Attitude Era, hell it's what most of us grew up with, so being able to play through all those moments, and even watched the highlights clips they included, brought a little tear of joy to my eye. I'm sure you'll love it all though, plus it's the only way to unlock all of the characters and cool arenas etc, so it's well worth doing!

    I've been looking to get Revelations at some point, so if that is co-op, (honestly have no idea), we can always play that together. Still have the Gears games, so that could be another we can do, but I'm sure we will be able to manage something sometime haha. I mean, there are a few games in the sale currently that I'm getting that have multiplayer of some sort, like I hope Tomb Raider, so can always try one of those perhaps if you also have them.
  7. Haha thanks . yeah that's annoying as hell. Shame -_- I'm doing the attitude era ATM. Freaked out a bit when I found out I could do that . My favourite era! Loved old school DX and Mankind! Shame they call it wwe. It annoys me haha. Yeah RDR. Would be fun. I have resident evil 6 , resident evil revelations I'm yet to play, cods, buying gears again to play urm , skate 3, etc haha
  8. Oh I see someone has a new....well newish pic up from the last time I looked haha, looks good!

    Anyways, just wanted to touch on what I said in my 360 message to you. I'm happy to try playing WWE 13, but I tried playing with someone else a few months ago, and the stupid game wouldn't let us because we didn't have EXACTLY the same characters. I didn't want to download anymore, nor did he, so that was that.

    So yep we can try and see how it goes, but unless it's changed, might be a problem. Failing that, apart from RDR, which I just posted about, any other games you have that we could play together? Did get rid of quite a few recently, but still have some possible ones.
  9. I've been pretty good thanks, though not been getting much sleep lately, but oh well.
  10. Hello. Yeah I'm okay. How are you?
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