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  1. Dude! Yeah I check in now and then. It's so dead though. Can't believe we keep coming back every few years! Lmao
  2. It says you were active a week ago? Lmaoooo now this is a blast from the past.
  3. In response to your query about my cyber-rape (I didn't wanna go off topic in the angry thread) I met this weirdo, Princess Molestia, for the first time on page 15/16 of the chatbox archive, just read it
  4. CONGRATULATIONS *Hoping I'll know what that means soon lol*

    Don't be scared, you can do it!
  5. nooooooooo T_T It's fine though, I just won my second solo ranked match. Scared to press further...
  6. It won't let me sign in! Last night I didn't have enough space to run it, maybe I need to start again sorry Ace, it's gonna take a few days
  7. lol I was just gonna type in Ace! Good thing I checked
  8. It's xmakedonijax :3 hehehe ty!
  9. Hey Ace, what's your summoner name? I'll put you down as the friend who referred me to LoL
  10. That pic made me LMAO
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