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  1. How did I not see your message earlier? I'm sure I would've responded. Meh in case you ever check in again, I'm good blue, how's things with you? You still spend time on the water?
  2. Holy ****, I only just saw your msg.

    How the devil are you doin?

    BTW, this is a happy new year msg xx
  3. Since when have you reformed? I liked madman blue
  4. You realise the way you piss of others is brilliant (there's a compliment in there somewhere )

    And yes I love my avator- the memories! lol

    *Catches kitten* Aw! Thanks
  5. Hehe, only really been active for a few days and already pissing people off

    Don't worry about a comeback thread, don't really see a need for it

    BTW....your avatar = awesomeness to the highest degree.

    *throws a kitten*
  6. Cool, your sailing sounds awesome, I've still yet to go on a boat lol windsurfing must be fun,

    Moving has gotta be the most stressful thing ever, it's still not done can't believe how much crap I can accumulate in a couple of years, have to hide it all someplace again now. We've only moved like 5mins away from our old place lol, at least that means we can take as many trips back and forth as we need to. Like I said- looooaaaads of crap hee hee

    Whoop come back Still waiting for ur whirlwind return need a comback thread??? Just say yes
  7. you have a good memory The sailing...yeah, not too bad actually. I'm a senior instructor nowadays. Although i ditched sailing on a personal level and took up windsurfing to quite a high standard. So good times.

    You say moving house? Oooh the stress, hope it went easy. Where'd you move to?

    Oh, and thnx to you, the comeback is on!!!!
  8. You know with your awesome rep blue, it better be some epic come back

    Things are good, busy moving house atm. How's the sailing going?
  9. You'd like a comeback you say? I may very well your page is red and hurty

    So.....What's up!!!???
  10. coooommme baaaaaccckkk! lol
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