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  1. Whoop, I passed tbh I was looking forward to whatever you were willing to throw at me

    I completely understand how annoying it can be having information thrown at you like that lol, it's fine, just have a look whenever/ if ever you feel like it and then let me know, like I said, it would be really interesting to get your viewpoint
  2. Haha oh don't worry I didn't really have any questions to ask, was just curious how you would respond when I mentioned it. You'll be pleased to hear you passed the test with flying colours.

    And ok thanks for letting me know. Honestly, my Dad hounds me several times a week telling me about some religious videos he has found, so a part of me is a little tired of listening/talking about the subject. Though he is pretty biased, some listening to some new viewpoints, like this guy, might be enjoyable. But yep, I'll let you know!
  3. I'm sure lol, You're my friend vyse, I'm sure that we can be mature and honest enough with each other, so that if I can't answer the question, we won't get on our high horses and be all 'I'm right and you're wrong, end of!' Hopefully lol

    As for the videos, all the Baba Ali ones are probably religion based, so I'm not sure if you'd even understand what he's going on about, but hey, check it out and let me know. It would be interesting to see what you make of it.
  4. Ask you anything huh, you sure you want to say that? Because I could think of all sorts of eeeeevil questions I could ask.

    Seriously though, I'll let you know what I think of those videos. Do have to ask though, how many of them are religious based?
  5. lol I can give you any version you want, but it's probably best if you ask me whatever interests you about religion and then I could try to answer you with the little knowledge I have. Honestly vyse, you can ask me anything, I don't mind

    It's cool that you're willing to check out those yt vids, let me know what you think
  6. Oh god Eskimo Lee.... what a guy. Remember when he came back for about a week, and then disappeared again. Would be great if he came back, because yeah the three of us had such a fun time with each other.

    And hey, nothing wrong with wanting to study up on Islam, though unless you want to give me the shortened version that I can understand, then you might want to keep the details to yourself.

    Thanks also for the guys YT name, I'll take a look later on to see the sorts of things he talk about. Just was curious because the topic about boys/girls you started thanks to his video, I wouldn't really say sounded funny from what you said he talked about. So interesting to see if that was just for this one video, maybe I'll find some of the rest much funnier.
  7. Yep, I miss those afternoon chats, especially with you, dscl and eskimo lee, and draz and others they were great

    lol nothing too exciting I'm afraid, just trying to study up on Islam a lot, I can bore you with the details, or even start preaching to you if you're interested lol

    About the video I mentioned in my thread, I thought it would be going off topic to reply to your post so thought I'd VM you some info instead. It's basically a guy who does videos on things he notices other muslims doing, which aren't really Islamic. If you want to have a look, just type in baba ali on youtube (that's what he calls himself) and ignore the kids videos lol my daughter loves those! It's just a guy sitting in a chair talking about things he notices about what muslims do.

    I like watching it because I find a lot of the things he says surprisingly true and funny.
  8. That's true, though recently I've only been popping on at night times, so that tends to be likely be when you have gone to sleep. Do remember when we would chat across the afternoon back in the day though, along with a few other people. Ah good times.

    So I suppose for now chatting like this will have to do haha. So any exciting news in the world of 1, or you just doing not much else apart from being Mum?
  9. Lol, see? I have every right to be tired! this heat and I really don't get along well.

    You know I was thinking this just the other day, we really haven't had a good chat for ages, I think we just keep missing each other in the chat box
  10. I'd rather keep the exact reasons to myself if you don't mind 1, but let's just say that events over the past few weeks and months have led me to feeling that it would be best to not be a mod, so only fair to let someone else be one, (should that happen of course).

    And sheesh no wonder you are lacking sleep haha. I can only speak for one of the three, and the recent heat has drove me mad. So no idea how you are surviving with all that happening to you!

    Anywho, glad you are still doing well, haven't had a good natter with each other in a long while.
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