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  1. I want to lick your vagina.
  2. Hey moocher!
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    I actually went and did French at college...... I must have been on something, because no idea why I wanted to do that haha. Though we did get to watch a lot of films and cartoons, so wasn't all that bad I guess.

    And yeah the trophy system isn't great. The only nice thing is that you can get a Platinum trophy, so the highest level you can, just for completing the original set of trophies, so not like the 360 where you need to do any DLC that comes out. I hear the PS4 is including a new type of trophies though, so who knows what will happen. I'd like to get both really, just for me, really depends on the games, and at the moment, neither are making me want one just yet.
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    Ah that's good to hear, so long as they weren't giving you strange looks, with you asking for something you weren't after. I remember trying to use my limited French during a holiday there many years ago, and that was a complete disaster haha, and that was supposedly being good at the language...

    That sounds just like the sort of thing Dan would do too haha. Well I know my family doesn't really get me anything, but used to that by now. Really is just nice to spend time with them all, and hopefully have some fun and laughs, that's the main thing. Given I know you like a lot of tv and film besides gaming, can perhaps see you getting some merch from a favourite show. Ooo I know, maybe an infamous Xmas jumper, that would be great huh!

    And of course I am haha, signed up to TrueTrophies and everything. Still not sure which console I'm getting next though, and will always prefer achievements, (trophies are weird to me), but we shall see. You still aiming for a Xbone I presume?
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    And yeah, thanks for the sympathy..... I'll make sure to return the favour whenever you reach that wonderful milestone too haha. I'll need to start looking into hearing aids soon..... the joy.

    Good to hear you are really liking it. Think it was well known I didn't really care for 2033 much, but heard lots of positive things for this, and how it didn't play exactly like the last game, so I'm optimistic. Trying to decide which game to start playing when I plug the ever dustier 360 in a week or so. Poor thing must feel like I'm cheating on it haha.
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    It didn't snow!?!?! Well I suppose at least that makes me feel a little better haha, just shows how cruel the weather is to the pair of us huh. Heck we could visit the North Pole and still see nothing. Glad you had a wonderful time though. How did your use of the native tongue go, not go and get yourself lost at any stage I hope hehe?

    Errr..... at this moment in time, about a 11 haha. The family is actually all here for Christmas, and so far, (touchwood), in good spirits. Sure I'll be getting nothing special this year, but got myself some nice stuff, so can't complain. How about you, got any idea what you might be getting?
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    I'd blooming well hope so haha. Were you able to visit most of the places you mentioned to me beforehand? And yep I'm alright thanks, I mean, it is nearly a week until Christmas, and the best time of the year. Though does mean it's getting closer to my brother, and to hit 30 isn't a nice thought haha, oh well.

    Oh and by the way, just noticed you have/are playing Metro:LL. That's one of the games I have ready to play on Christmas. Do you rate what you have played highly, and how does it compare to the first game would you say?
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    Heyo, been a while so came along to say hi, hope things have been going well, like your Russia visit, and getting into that course you wanted! Oh, and still hasn't snowed..... bleh!
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    Hm, Mangareader or mangafox one of them should, if not just type SnK manga into Google and you'll find it somewhere.
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