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    Exclamation Tropix (

    Hi everybody...

    I found one game in the web-site
    This game is very addictive and very nice... It include several other games... like...
    Parasail, Jungle Jump, Coconoid (American Bowling), Sudoku, Cascade, Waterwords, etc...

    One of the problem is registration. It allowes game to run several times (10 times, I suppose)
    after it, we must register the game to play further...

    I download the crack and keygen both, but it didn't work.

    Because, I am not able to get one file 'tropixres.dll'

    The file is missing, and without it, it cannot be registered...

    So I request you all that if anybody knows somethings about it
    or has a link or this file or any other permanent solution to
    register this game... then it will be appreciable...

    my email id is :

    A very very thanks in advance...

    Take care all


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    ill try to find out the problem

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    Thumbs up Hi there...

    Hi everybody...

    The problem of Tropix is SOLVED...

    The setup file I downloaded was about 14.4 MB...
    I tried to download again... and it was about 16.8 MB...

    When I downloaded file and install the game... and cracked it...
    It works perfectly...

    No Problem at all...
    But... Any game of is recommended to be downloaded from their own site...
    I think I downloaded Tropix from any other site...

    Thanks all...

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    tropix game

    i downloaded the game from the said sourse

    " unable to load tropixres.dll "

    message displayed while using tntty11 crack for it
    tropixres.dll file is there is the tropix folder

    please let me know dippu how u got it

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    Thumbs up Tropix Solution

    I got email from many users, so I tried to post a solution to the Tropix problem..

    First of all download the Tropix game from
    The size must be 16.8 MB

    Then visit the following web-site to download the keygens of many games of

    This site provides one-click download of keygens of many games of

    Install the game
    Run the keygen and click 'Enregister'... button

    All Done.

    If you got problem, then tell me we will try to solve together...

    But, I don't frequently visit net (email, surf, etc...)...
    so please manage...

    Thanks all..

    Take Care
    Have a nice day.

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    tropix game cascade

    has any one got past level 5 ????? i have had the game for about 6 weeks and cascade has stumped me. is there a cheat forum for games like this hhheeeelllllp!!!!to frustrating

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