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    New gamertag
    Thanks for the help Nep ^.^

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    My XBL tag is Zombie Alexia. Anyone is free to add me if they wish.

    "Every last creature on Earth will exist to serve me."

    Alexia Ashford

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    Add me If you like Cosmickillerdyl

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    My Gamertag

    My GT Is: TRU3GUNKIN84....exactly like that.

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    GT: AcheaShadow

    I usually play Gears 2 online

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    Sweden, Sthlm.
    My gamertag is garfieldisntfat. Just bought my 360 so I'm screwing around a bit on it. Propably won't be online much on live until later on.


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    Chaosdragunz and shy wolf 69
    ~I love my Boy friend~

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    Sep 2009

    Add my GT if you'd like a game of Call of Duty 4, or if you'd just like a new friend:
    WeLsH Supreme

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    mine is -- LimeInDeCoconut -- i play cod4, MCLA, and halo3, cod MW2 when it comes out, not so sure about odst though

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    mastermc0 is my gamertag

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