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    Thats me, had to change it from my last gamertag because it offended some of my american counterparts

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    febusa....thats mine

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    my GT is same as username: III RED EYE III , pls send msg saying your from this forum if you feel like adding me.

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    My Gamertag is Rgamer92 (lol) I have COD4, COD5, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Burnout Paradise, Fable, and others that I never play online. Mostly though I only ever play COD5, Halo 3, and ODST. You may occasionally see me on the others though. Feel free to add just mention your from the forums please.

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    mines is watsonmayte

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    Add me if your up for few games of Gears2, Fifa 10 or Guitar Hero!

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    Mine is: Lady Shira X
    Is there a future to come out of this useless time? Will I exist in a place like this?
    If I wanted to tell you what kind of person I am, the words I'd use would be "good for nothing."

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    mine is scaryza

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    Grizzlys TAG

    Im New to the forums and my 360 tag is GrizzlyBlood add me for some Call of duty 4 or the newest 1 modern warfare 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrizzlyBlood View Post
    im a general user right??
    No, you're just gaining popularity by showing off how good you are at making sigs.

    You're a "New User". Haven't even been here a month yet.

    Edit: Alright, you're in the General Users list now.

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