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Thread: PSN Name

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    Quote Originally Posted by P-Sleva View Post
    Anyone playing Fat Princess?
    Yes, but not really. I might play it a lil more.

    I'm flameboy118.... I think!
    Who is John Galt?

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    Ok stickied, I'll leave it stickied seen as how it's building a bit, will make a list thread when we get more names ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capital_Cougar7 View Post
    The PSN has just as many users as Xbox LIVE. There are about 14 million + users on PSN I think.

    & PS2 had way more games than XBOX....but it had a lot of CRAP games am I right? Same the the 360 most people who play online are playing Halo, Gears, or COD for the most part. So having all these other games are meaningless with the majority of the population playing one of those games.

    Most games are on both systems to begin with... & Home is boring......that I will say.

    I think so too.

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    I wonder if anyone can guess mine...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cw695356 View Post
    I wonder if anyone can guess mine...

    May the Monkey be with you

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    Feel free to add me, my PSN is vampireoutrage & one of my favourite games would possibly have to be GTA IV.
    Signature made by me

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    R E M I N I S E N T

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    Add Me

    So, I just recently purchased my PS3 and I'm in need of some buddies :P

    Add me!
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    Are you hott?

    That's how you have to fit my criteria to add as a buddy on PS3 haha

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    Add me

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