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Thread: PC catagories

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    PC catagories

    For the PC catagories there should something just for online games (ex. World of Warcraft) and one for Games on discs (ex. Modern Warfare 2)
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    Uh-Oh ...Spaghetti-o's Fink000's Avatar
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    why? is it that hard to scroll through? i just think the more simple the forum the better. seeing as some people cant post in the right section as it is. to complicate that further isnt going to help anybody.

    but this is to be left to ZE FUHRER!!

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    do a poll and see. Im thinking no chance though

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    You can buy WoW on a disk.
    Is there a future to come out of this useless time? Will I exist in a place like this?
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    That would be categorising it far too much. Unless there is suddenly an overwhelming amount of threads being produced which meant no one could find anything, this is not needed at all. Plus, if this was carried out it could be argued that XBLA, PSN Store games (do games on the store have a categorical name) and WiiWare sections should be made, and then you are really talking clutter.
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    Yeah, I bought WoW all in 1 disk. All three expansions. Saved me lots

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