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Thread: suggestions .

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    suggestions .

    we could possibly get a sotm plug in that displays who won the sotm and how many times.

    I think bringing back the gfx crew with moderation powers over the graphics section would be necesary.
    the graphics section is quite active and I think its worth it.

    add forums called, the garage, the desk, homework, world news inside the entertainment section.

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    There's too many people who play in the GFX section to bring back the GFX team. That's why it was removed I believe.

    Why exactly is there a need for garage, desk, homework and world news sections? I mean, what would go in them? Obvious what would go in world news... Remember that this is a games forum...imo, there's already too much non game related content.

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    Agree with Unc, not a fan of anymore sections, especially ones that will hardly get any use. Heck we have game areas here (on a GAMESFORUM) that don't get used, so I can't see much life in those ideas.

    As for the the GFX and SOTM ideas. Don't really think the SOTM idea is needed, if people want to show how many times they have won then just add it in your sig or something than having to create something new for it.

    And I have mentioned this to others before, but personally I really don't like the idea of making the GFX section such a massive deal in the forum. Don't get me wrong I like seeing all the wonderful work that you all do, but I don't want to see page after page of nothing but GFX work and people that only come on here to post new art work. So by resurrecting the GFX team or giving them more powers I can only see more people posting artwork and not focusing on games.

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    no need for any of those things

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    I see your point.
    I am not too sure about this, but what if there was a game of the month plug in? the contest could run just like sotm. since we want to get gaming more active on here and that makes sense, i dont see why this plug in wouldnt work if they have it

    if they don't, think we could make the sotm plug in work for it. we could have a picture of the case of the game.

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    I think there is already too many non-game related topics on this game forum. There is plently of sections. If you want to talk about those things, just do it in general chat!

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