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    gaming columns went the other day. It never worked out and probably should have gone earlier. The threads were moved to reviews

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    I think that this website should have a subforum where people can post looking for people to play with. I noticed that a couple of recent threads have been found under google for such terms as "MW2 co-op help", so i think that it might be something worth looking into.

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    to the OP, you said that no-one replied to threads because they couldn't find them. But if you haven't noticed there is this button called What's New which does exactly that.
    No-one replies because they CBA and lastly, they do not know enough about it to say things. But at least they have the sense to not post: It is a good question. I want the answer also.

    I agree with you Raw, the background colour should be light. This looks forbidding and cold...
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