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    Heavy Rain - PS3

    Heavy Rain – PS3

    I'm not going to lie. Heavy Rain is one massive QTE, fridge search, and how many different buttons do I have to press until the plot will progress. However, it has its good points: a compelling story, Ethan: Father of the Year, and “Norman Jayden, FBI.” It is in my opinion, one of the, if not, the best game of the year. It does everything right, except for too many buttons in some QTEs. Were hands meant to press 5 buttons spread out like that?



    A great dad. One dead, one trapped in a well, in the space of about two days. Not much to say about him, except he has the most annoying walk and voice. He also kicks Madison out every time she brings him back from the dead. Thanks, now get out, bitch, comes to mind.


    A journalist who assists Ethan throughout the game. She has to go through many things, Doctors who want to drive drills up your butt, trying to save Ethan from the police, etc. etc. She is a pretty boring character personality wise, but is vital to the plot.

    Norman Jayden, FBI:

    He is a man with magic glasses, and a super computer. He is awesome. Seriously. Listen to his accent. He is in the FBI, as I have mentioned several times. He is addicted to a drug called Tripto, some blue liquid that looks like it come out of Avatar. Oh, yeah, he can create many universes to investigate clues, one that looks like the avatar place. Suspicious, right?

    Scott Shelby:

    He has the best character background in the game. You'll want to know who he is, what he does, his background, etc. (which is awesome), go play the game! He is a private investigator, followed closely by his faithful companion Lauren, who you really just want to kill, but can't. She is epicly annoying. Anyway, he isn't much more than a guy who sits on his ass torching clues and making raw omelettes.


    This game boasts some of the best graphics you will see. Not much to say on the graphics, except they're glorious.


    Where do I begin, if you can hold 5 buttons, get this, at the same time, for about 15 seconds then tap L1, you're a living legend. The tapping QTE's are the worst. L1, followed by R1, for what seemed like ten minutes climbing a ladder. A big one. I don't think this is really a game. It is a QTE that spawned characters and dialogue. It is epic, though. The Butterfly must be the hardest QTE in the game, in my opinion. Holding down 5 buttons, then finding out it is the wrong path. Not a good feeling. I don't need a gameplay section because QTE's are all you do. If you're not sure of what a QTE is, you're gonna find out. They are mind-hurting cutscenes, where you press buttons to progress it, in a short amount of time, hence the name Quick Time Event. They're exceptionally annoying, and you can, if exposed to them long enough, die. Suicide seems the best option.


    The control system in Heavy Rain doesn't work too well, except for the QTEs. The time spent moving your character by not quickly bashing buttons is used by trying to get him/her to walk in a straight line. Seriously, it is difficult. This isn't a "pick up and play" game. You'll need ten minutes just to get down the hall, then you'll realise that is the wrong door. However, where this game excels where others don't in terms of controls, as I've already mentioned, are the QTEs. They work effectively, and you actually can't blame it on the controls. I'd rate the controlling system as a whole 5/10.


    This is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest stories a games developer has produced. Forget GTA IV, or your Half Life, this is a great story. It is full of twists and turns, and when you think you know the killer, something else happens to throw your guess off balance. You can get multiple different endings, which is awesome, and makes you really want to play it over and over again, trying to get that different outcome, or just to kill off a character and see how much the plot changes. Yeah, that is right. You die, you die for good. This effects the entire outcome of the game. The game is about trying to find Shaun Mars, who has been captured by [beeeep!] and trapped in a well. The games antagonist is a mysterious person known to the public as the origami killer. There is orchid pollen in the air near his victims, and an origami figure left on their chest. He/she traps the person in a well for 7 days, and lets rain water fill it up and they'll drown from this, unless saved, of course. I don't want to spoil too much.


    You will either like this game, or hate it. I like it. It is a great game, with the added bonus of great graphics. The control scheme is excellent, and the QTE's are responsive. God shone his powers upon the mystical people who made this. If you're up for a “whodunit”, I'd recommend this. If you don't want to sit on your ass listening to every clue, don't buy it. Go play MW2.

    +Great story
    +It has Norman Jayden

    -Annoying voice actors (Yes, Ethan. I'm looking at you.)
    -Hard QTE's
    -Huge load times

    Score - 9/10

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    This reviews seems rushed. No Screenshots, very short, not very good imo.

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    Heavy Rain is no doubt one of the best PS3 games I have ever had the privilege of playing. The game's story may be slow to start, but it's necessary to really know all of the characters who feel so human you get those moments where you think you are there. The game really gets good toward the end when all the pieces fall into place and you learn who the killer is.

    And the sad ending is one of the saddest things I've ever seen in a game or even a movie.

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    Ah, ****. Forgot the screenies. Thanks for the remind.

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    The point of the awkward QTE buttons are like that so you can feel the awkwardness of the characters movements, like that part where you help Ethan get through those electric wires, awkward body movement etc.

    Wouldn't give it a 9 though, maybe an 8, but that's just me, unless you're basing your overall score on the graphics .... >.>

    Fahrenheit still wins in my book.

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    Love the game, and would probably give it a 8 or 9 myself, but as you pointed out, there are some critical flaws in the game, though surprised you didn't mention the movement, which is by far the worst thing in the game. Story is epic, characters are a pretty mixed bunch and whilst there are far too many QTE's, they aren't the end of the world, and if you had played Fahrenheit, you knew there were going to be a lot beforehand.

    Not a bad review, think you could have gone into a little more detail here and there, without ruining the story, but I agree in large with what you had to say.

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    though surprised you didn't mention the movement
    I did towards the end a short amount. Gonna edit it later. If you try to get right he walks in a circle most of the time. Very annoying stuff.

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    It's actually beyond annoying, as I mentioned in a thread I made on the game, trying to walk down stairs, or down any small alleyway, just feels sluggish. And when the whole game is based around being quick, and making split decisions, I don't want the game to force some on me, just because it's stupid enough to not move my character where I want them too.

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    what is heavy rain

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    Oh my god, are you being serious?

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