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Thread: Book Section

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    Yeah, sounds good actually.


    Those could be the subforums.

    Also, CW, perhaps there isn't much attention in that subject due to the fact there isn't a place to talk about it? I know loads of people here who like to read books.

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    I have to agree a media section would be good, a forum for everything to do with movie, tv, music and books. Where we can chat about thing's other than games, seeing as most of us also enjoy a good read now and again.

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    Yeah, I'd love to see it happen. I think it would do quite well.

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    There already is a Media/ Entertainment Section.

    A book section does seem a good idea HOWEVER....very restricted.

    Who knows.

    @TRGT No your "logic" doesn't make sense, with sectioning the said topics such as film, music and TV it becomes easier for the average user to find the right section to post a thread in in which topic they please. So no all in one big section would just be messy and unorganized.

    In a nutshell. There isnt enough talk about books on here sorry. So no..this idea wont go much further then lets say a Sticked Thread?
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    That is my point - it'd probably do well if it had a topic to discuss it in. I bet movies wasn't being talked about until it got a section because there wasn't a section for it.

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    Books aren't generally read by a lot of people on here, from what I can tell. Television and Music are more popular, and what would be in it? Your favourite book. Your favourite genre. And then a few threads that die easily. Could give it a trial, I guess
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    Music and Movies had a larger demand back in the day i came up with the idea of a entertainment section hence CW or who ever made such a thing for us available. Now i hardly see anything on books, may be 3 threads at most. So no i doubt this will go much further then this!

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    Adam (Nyu), that is so wrong. For example, threads on fantasy, thrillers, crime, horror, other areas of fiction. Then the specific threads, Harry Potter, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, or more of the thousands of books out there.

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    I personnaly like the idea of a media section dedicated to music and movies and reading material... not just books but comics and graphic novels too (reading materials).

    It would not take long to set up (mere mins) and if anyone section fails to generate any activity then it can be easily removed.

    I enjoy a good read, or audio book, and at the moment am revisiting the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. Think I am on book 12 of the 21 book series at the moment. I first read the original series back in the 70's. They are about a land of diverse cultures and peoples, all with one common enemy, that have to overcome their differences and work as one if they are to survive and using the 'old' ways they...... hmmm guess the rest can wait for a read section if we get one.

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    Fails to generate activity? lol. I think it'd do much better than the graphics battle section...but yeah.

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