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Thread: Book Section

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rice View Post
    I still don't see a huge problem. Not enough for everyone to rant about. Hell you've already said there really won't be a lot of people posting in it, so be it. Just take it down after a while. And in all seriousness...ever new member I see seems to go straight for the Introductions thread and the Request a Sig thread. They really don't care much to look around much. +shrug+ Yeah it is a GAMES forum but there is a whole damn section about graphics and what-not. And more than half the people that are new don't stay anyway, right? And it wasn't because of the book section.'s whatever. I don't even feel like arguing right now.
    Again, that's been said for every single new section that has been thought of, and yes, individually they will do squat, but they've added up. Including the graphics section, in case you thought I agreed with that section.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slistara
    New Posts is incidental. I just hit it and can see 2 gaming-related threads, neither were posted in within the last half an hour. It's entirely user-defined based on when you last logged on/what threads you've already read. Not much of an argument. And from what I've seen, there's never really a huge amount of gaming discussion going on here, which isn't a big deal. You cannot control what people want to post. You may be right about gaming being secondary, or you may be wrong. But like I said, you cannot control what people want to post. We're all humans, and we don't JUST play games. There are other things we do, and generally you can get more discussion out of those other things than you can from discussing "hay guiz i gotz a MW clan".

    It just seems elitist to say we should focus solely on gaming. Surely having a wide range of things to discuss that don't encompass gaming gives the members MORE reason to stick around, because it means hey, we don't have to find a different site to discuss other media, or general stuff.
    Right, I wouldn't have as much of a problem with these general sections if it wasn't for the fact that, as I said above, they make up the majority of the posts here. If I've counted right there are more posts in non-gaming sections than in gaming sections. If we can't focus solely on gaming because it's "elitist" - I call it using logic, but take it as you may - can we at least focus mainly on gaming?

    The new posts argument isn't a great one, no, it's something crude and blunt that I hope can get the message across. I would have thought that there should always be posts on gaming there at any point of the day. There wasn't when I checked it, and it looks like when you checked it there was only gaming related posts because a bot had appeared. That's even more laughable. You could also put it this way; did any of you google "games forum" (how the majority of users have found this place) to discuss the morality of cigarrettes?

    I have a beef with these sections because the wider the variety of topics covered, the less specialist these topics become. I believe that the more "general" something becomes the more diluted the content is, spread thinly over the wide range of topics. When I joined here in 2007 this was a specialist forum to talk about games. Needless to say, things move pretty damn quickly in 3 years, as we now have a shoutbox, a graphics section, an enterainment section, a huge general chat section and a place that may as well be called, because relatively, this isn't a games forum anymore. And the worst thing is that it seems like I'm the only one who wants to do something about it..............
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    I would contribute to this thread but I don't do much reading really.

    The only book I ever read in lesiure was The Krays Life.


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    I suggest;

    Merge all of these together into something. They're not that active.

    # Movies and TV
    # Music
    # Media
    # Sports
    # Internet Videos


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    they could all go into an actual Media section of the forum, or something along the lines of that.

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    I think merging them all together will make it too confusing. Maybe putting them all a subsections of a media forum is an option

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    I think we should have Media as a forum, and in it, music, tv and books.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zikato
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    Ok since this section is up (well done Jed for your contribution, must say its one more thank you then i got when i came up with the whole idea of the entertainment section).

    It's working alright but i still find the "media" section as a section title is overly weak. The reason ims aying this, music is a form of media, so the radio, tv, cds, dvds and so on. See what im getting at.

    im really trying to bring the thought of renaming the section to general literature forward since THAT i believe would attract more members to post in that section AND clarify what the section stands for

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