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    Not a game of the year at all. Not only was it way to short I don't really believe it was that much of a sandbox game. I mean, yes, It had parts of it that were, however, with sadbox games there are usually other things to do around the city. Mafia 2 only had story like and that is it. You could not purchase houses or anything of that caliber.

    It was fun though XD
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    The game was great fun but I think online RPG mafia games is "more me"

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    Mafia 2 is really awesome and the best Xbox 360 game. I also enjoyed playing the game. The graphic and sound are also nice.
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    Mafia II is similar to its predecessor. The story is really the only thing that makes this game interesting. This game with the exception of maybe red dead redemption is the best open world game ever.
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    You have given really a very nice review of the game. I like to play this game.As the game name is mafia 2 in which they are using weapons, cars to fight which is very interesting when we are playing.
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    I love this game and my favorite

    Thanks for sharing....
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    Well, good review.

    I used to play Mafia II on my PC and it's great game. I've completed the story mode once in Mafia II

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