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    Mario Sports Mix - Wii

    You know whatís wrong with Square Enix these days? Theyíre so vain for making awful games. Well I canít say much for Final Fantasy 13, I never played it, however Iíve heard not so great things about it. But I did play the demo for Final Fantasy 14, and it ****ing sucks. Itís such a mess of an MMO itís unreal. But thatís different story. Square decide to take a shot at the Mario Sports games line to see if they can do some good.

    Mario Sports Mix consists of 4 Sports, Basketball, Dodgeball, Hockey and Volleyball. The sports themselves are good to play, Dodgeball has to be my favourite as itís constant action for both teams. Basketball and Hockey is ok if not for an awkward multiplayer system where thereís no split screen and player 2 has to go blindly towards a goal they canít see. Volleyball is the weakest as itís far too basic and kind of boring.

    Hereís a Fun Fact (not really part of the review, just something IĎd like to point out, skip this paragraph if you want to): In an interview for Mario Sports Mix, Reggie Fils-Amie (President and COO of Nintendo of America) stated that the sports in Mario Sports Mix will be sports the spin off series has never covered before. However Mario Slam Basketball (or Mario Hoops 3 on 3 if youíre American and mad), which is the first Mario sport title developed by Square, was solely based on Basketball. Volleyball was a minigame you can play on Mario Party 4 and 5, and Hockey was a featured sport in Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics. Dodgeball is the only sport which is new here.

    Yoshi has had enough of your **** for once day!

    Each Sport can be played as 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 battles. The general gameplay for all games is A to jump and flicking the Wiimote to shoot. The C button is used for switching between characters on your team. The Z Button is used for shooting items (as expected in a Mario title) and, when youíve earned it, the A and B buttons together unleashes a characters special move. Overall I have no complaints for the controls, they work well and itís practically the same for all sports so youíre not likely to forget. However I do have a complaint about switching characters. It has to be done manually, you pass the ball to your team mate, but then you must manually switch to that character if you still want to control the ball. It would be a lot less confusing and a lot more easier if it was automatic.

    Though in all honesty, the Manual character switch is probably the hardest thing about this game. The AI is so dull and incredibly easy that you do not even need to try to play this game to win. All sports except for Dodgeball you will probably win by scoring at least 15 points and then sitting around for the rest of the match waiting for the enemy AI to figure out what do to with the ball. And theyíll usually figure that out when theyíve realised itís been 5 hours after the match ended and everyone in the arena has gone home. Not to mention how pathetic the AI for the goalkeepers in Hockey are. The goalkeepers are Shy Guys and Iím pretty sure they painted on the eye-holes and mouth-hole for their masks as they make half assed attempts towards every shot in the game.

    Only in a Mario Sports game will you find a rainbow-coloured Volleyball

    You may be wondering/raging about what I said about Square in recent times. I speak it very much from heart that theyíre vain for accomplishing minimal efforts, and here you will definitely feel the same. The only characters to unlock in this game are Square Enix characters. Iím not kidding. You can unlock a Moogle, Ninja, White Mage, Black Mage, a Cactuar (all from Final Fantasy) and a Slime (from Dragon Quest). Honestly, they have no purpose to be in this game. Sega helped develop F Zero GX and you donít see Sonic spiky, blue chilli dog all over the game. And on top of that Square have made each and every one of these characters incredibly cheap. Forget the Manual character switch, facing the Square characters is the hardest part of the game. It just bugs me that Square put in these out-of-place characters with ridiculously cheap abilities and make them the only unlockables in the game. It just shows how vain Squeenix are.

    Which reminds me, the unlockables in this game arenít worth the trouble. After completing a tournament of any sport you can re enter and do some challenges to unlock new arenas, the Squeenix characters and colours (or colors if youíre American and mad) for Yoshi and Toad (Utterly pointless, might I add). Whatís wrong with it is you have to complete the tournament and then you have a shot at it. But the difficulty rises so suddenly and then you actually have to try at this game. To unlock anything you must go through some challenges and beat them. If you lose even once you must start all the challenges over again, which is bloody cruel. I know you want your characters to be a challenge to unlock, but the games unpredictable difficulty and unforgiving challenges put me off completely. And to put the shitted out intestines upon the gigantic shitpile you must do this for every sport. If you unlock a character for Dodgeball, you wonít unlock it for the other sports. I was put off after a few attempts at the Dodgeball and now the game expects me to do it for each sport? I think not.

    Remember the 5 D's of Dodgeball, Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge (I had to do a Dodgeball reference, it was irresistable)

    Now Iíve got all the **** out the way there are some good aspects about the game.
    The soundtrack to this game is good. Itíd hard to explain it, but the OST goes well with each stage and menu screens. My favourite track would definitely have to be Koopa Troopa Beach:

    Personally, I love this track. It's just such a cool song to listen to.

    And also the visuals of the game are stunning, especially for a Wii game. I may have an undying hatred for Squeenix but damn they still impress me with visuals every time

    Also there is the Online Mode, god itís been awhile since a Mario game had a decent online system, if not any online modes at all. The connection between continents is good, with barely any lag and if there is it isnít that much of a problem. But like most Nintendo online games thereís no depth for it. No challenges, no ranking system, no other unlockables. Itís just there for you. Itís great to play with a friend online nevertheless.

    Mario Sports Mix itself is a mixed bag. While itís gameplay is near solid, the visuals, soundtrack and online mode is perfect for a Mario game, It fails from the simple fact that Square couldnít keep itís raging, over the top pubic hair-styled boner from splattering itself all over this game. They have nothing to be proud of here. Iíd stick with turned based RPGs if I were you Square, youíre only slightly better at that then this.

    + Fun Gameplay
    + Great Soundtrack and Visuals
    - Squeenix characters are out of place and incredibly cheap
    - Unlockables are barely worth the hassle
    - Depthless online, decent, but depthless
    - AI and difficulty curve only go up when Squeenix characters appear


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    First of all i would like to say really nice review written and there are many games of Mario i would love if you write some more reviews on other Mario Games.
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    This is realy advantural to play the latest series of mario game which is one of the most played and famous game in the world. “Mario sports mix “ the new version of Mario has many new features that make it differ from its previous versions.In this version four sports have packaged: —Basketball, Volleyball, Dodgeball, and Hockey -along with some small collection of party games.

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    Mario is one of my favorite games to play, and new series of Mario looks very interesting, in this series 4 games are include that are volleyball, football, golf and Dodge ball, I am exiting now to play it.
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    I would still pick him up to be a mushroom picker! My favorite one as a child...
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    I love mario games. you can find a whole collection of games,organised by genre, in which Mario or his brother Luigi have major roles. Hope you`ll enjoy all this games and don`t forget to visit this site often, because every day more new Mario Games are added.

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    there really are lots of mario games around but they all seem really good but do they adapt the same story?

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    There is a lot of fun to play mario games. Now Recently i have played the mario game 3d land Which is awesome moment to play that game.
    I like your review about that Mix Wii game I think you have complete information about that game. I have also played that game but not much interested in mix wii game.But i like the designing of that game.
    i love online games.....

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    I love Mario game . I used to play Donkey Kong which was realsed in 1981 . Now I have plan to play mario currently video game genres such as racing, puzzle, party, role-playing, fighting and sports.

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    You Can play sports games anytime anywhere.
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    Mario is the most popular game, it’s old and classic, easy enough that any new gamer can play and clean enough to suites at any age.

    Mario was and is the best classic game existed. I do agree that some version didn’t overcome the expectation but if you leave the expectation aside, you still going to love it.

    We expect from what we like, didn’t we?
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