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    The Zenonia series is pretty fun. I haven't played it in a while, but I played it a lot a year ago. I was looking for some good RPGs to play on my iPad, and found Zenonia 4. After I finished that, I downloaded Zenonia 3, since I enjoyed it. I finished that as well, and bought the first two games.

    There's a bit too much grinding in the first and second Zenonia. I played through most of the game with Ecne, but I'm severely under-leveled. I avoided grinding and defeated bosses with hit-and-run tactics, and I couldn't keep up with normal monsters anymore. Same with the first Zenonia. I'm a bit too lazy to work on finishing it. Eventually though, I'll probably work my way through it.

    I downloaded Zenonia 5 a couple of months later, when it was released. I'm playing as the paladin. I believe his name is Ryan. I started this game killing extra monsters to avoid grinding later, but I got lazy and definitely need to grind to catch up. I think I'm probably a bit less than halfway into the game, where I'm close to Magic City. I've been interested in some other games for a while, so I haven't paid much attention to Zenonia. I'm sure I'll get to it someday. Maybe.

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    The game looks alright, I'll try it out myself later today.

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    The Zenoia games look good for a mobile game and they are even playable on low end phones! The cute 2d characters and the huge world to explore in each game is one of the things that make it compelling to play. However, I find the action to be a bit repetitive at times. There are enemies that are too strong and you need to battle monsters over and over just to get more powerful. Yes, it's an RPG game and that's what you need to do, but I don't want to fight the same monsters over and over for 2 hours.

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