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    Zenonia - iPhone

    Flameboy here, filling/cluttering up the review section with some jottings which are so poorly worded that they could only have been written by a Mathematician. Review section has been a bit empty, here's some thoughts on the Iphone games I have so far (here, Zenonia)


    With the popularity of the Iphone as a gaming platform, it's almost certainly just a matter of time before we start to see 8 and 16 bit RPGs of yore ported onto Apple's new hardware. That said, besides 'Vay', the 1994 (if you're stateside), cult RPG for the Sega-CD, Iphone gamers will so far be frustrated by the dearth of retro RPGs for the platform.
    Though all is not lost. While there are no Final Fantasy 6s and Chrono Triggers to be seen in the app store (yet), an entirely new, and yet retro, action RPG has found its way out of development. That game is Zenonia.

    Reminiscent of 'Secret of Mana', Zenonia brings dungeon crawling and 16 bit RPGing with a real-time twist; combat is almost entirely comprised of hammering the 'hit with sword' button, forgoing the more traditional turn based combat. What's more, it works very well, with satisfying sound and visual effects for knocking the enemies back or missing said foe entirely. Combat is interesting enough to persuade you to plough on through the game.

    Zenonia is not light on the loot.

    The story is arguably the most interesting part of Zenonia, placing you in the shoes of Regret, the son (although he doesn't yet know it) of the recently deceased Pardon, an illustrious warrior of times gone by. The names in the game sound incredibly uninspired, with Zenonia focusing on the epic struggle between the Holy Knights and the Dragon Clan, and featuring such characters as Sun, Vague, Vicious, Viralent and so forth. That said, Zenonia's plot and storytelling speak of a much more acclaimed title, because, from the exciting opening sequence to the final breathtaking reveal, Regret's tale is interesting and unpredictable. Thrown in for good measure are choices, where the player decides on which action to take at certain crossroads in the story. These decisions really do impact the story (as far as to which side you'll fight with), and there's even a little 'good-evil' gauge you keep track of your moral psyche, although many of these decisions are sprung on the player along with very little information with which to make the choice. Early on in the game, for example, you are asked whether or not you want to break up a fight. Seemingly innocuous, the decision made here will shape which side of the conflict you will fight on for the rest of the game. That said, it removes any element of the player simply guessing which decision will lead them down the correct path, forcing moral judgements to be made... well, morally. Of note, Zenonia makes a few self-deprecating, 3rd wall breaking jokes, which don't go unappreciated with a fan of Metal Gear Solid, although the time spent devising these references might have been spent giving the text a final proof-read.

    Zenonia is incredibly strong visually, with the variety (from the above desert to icy tundra) being particularly astounding.

    Aesthetically, Zenonia truly shines for such a humble platform. The visuals pop out of the screen, featuring vibrant (and varied) colour schemes for the different regions. The gameplay speaks of Zelda: A Link to the Past, while the visuals are more akin to Phantom Hourglass. While there is no voice acting, the sounds effects do an admirable job, and the music feels original and truly dictates the mood. In terms of both audio and video, though, Zenonia feels retro to the core. However, it does introduce some new concepts as well. The day and night system feels natural and innovative, while the skill tree is balanced and well thought-out; essentially, at each level up, on top of increasing your character's attributes, the player levels up one skill on the tree. Either active or passive, these skills include 'Heal 20%', '1% more chance of critical' and such, with more becoming available as you level up. The skills which you can unlock, I believe, depend on your class; choosing from warrior, paladin or assassin (I chose paladin), your class (again, I believe) affects your skills as well as which weapons you can and can't use. A final piece of innovation is how your character becomes hungry. Your HP and SP (special power) gauges both refill over time, although, if you haven't eaten in a while, your maximum SP value decreases, forcing you to keep munching on apples (it's mainly apples) to stay healthy.

    The animation is vibrant and interesting.

    For a mere 3.49, Zenonia is a steal. It lasts every bit as long as your average PS3 or 360 RPG, for a fraction of the price. But Zenonia is more than that. It's a classy, engrossing and fulfilling RPG, on the platform on which you would least expect such a title. It isn't the be all and end all of handheld gaming, but it's a good start in terms of fresh IPs on the Iphone. At the end of the day, had Zenonia come out, for the SNES, in 1990, it wouldn't be remembered alongside Secret of Mana and A Link to the Past. But it would have been the next best thing.

    9/10 - Written by - Flameboy

    (A convenient image montage [<-does that make sense?] showing a variety of the locals in the game)

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    I really wanna play this game but I paid for it on my Iphone 4, downloaded it and the piece of sh*t wont get past the loading screen??

    Very disappointed

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    This game is also on the Android Market! Works great on my Samsung Galaxy S! Love it!

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    this looks like a impressive game for the iphone i didnt know phones could have such good graphics? thank you i might get this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenesix View Post
    I really wanna play this game but I paid for it on my Iphone 4, downloaded it and the piece of sh*t wont get past the loading screen??

    Very disappointed

    have you tried to delete and reinstall it? helps most of the times...and don't worry, you don't have to pay a second time!

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    its like Pokemon graphics seems really cool i must play this game!

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    i really wanna this this game i like this game amazing and wonderful.

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    Fantastic iPhone Game! It seems sounds are very effectual and system feels natural & innovative to users.

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    A++ Review!

    Hands down my favorite game to play on my Android! I started with Zenonia 4 and worked my way down until 5 came out. These games keep giving you a reason to come back for more, it's not the kind of game you can just get into then stop playing, they always have incentives and new content to keep you hooked.

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    Great review for a great game; I'm getting it now. I only play it when I'm bored, or don't have internet, though, not as normal as some other games I have.

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