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    What Got You Into Gaming?

    I'm making a project where I'm collectively putting the answers I get together so we can see how many common entry points of gaming we share.
    When I put this project together I will update this and all other forums/places with it so they interconnect to each others answers.

    So what got you into gaming?
    What was your gateway experience?

    To give you an idea, I made a YouTube video explaining what my gateways were. It's called 'What Got You Into Gaming?'

    You will see for me it was from shows and films on T.V. plus certain books, such as Fighting Fantasy choose your own adventure stuff.

    So now it's your turn, forum.
    What was your gateway?

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    gif garfieldisntfat's Avatar
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    My dad bought us a SEGA and NES. Sonic 2 was my gateway game, even though I never completed it as a child, I was stuck. I even have memories from things I would think of as a child during some stages in the game, such as random songs from commercials that I somehow connected to the stages.


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    I guess it was my brothers, I sort of remember my brother owning a sega and wanting to play with him and then my other brother got a playstation and he and his friend were always playing that. I guess it was the little sister always trying to be involved but through that I developed my own love and appreciation for games.

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    We've had a SEGA Mega Drive and Game Gear for as long as I can remember, they are what I think got me into gaming, I loved playing all genre of games on those two systems, especially games like James Pond, Sonic etc. I think the thing I liked most about gaming back then was how simple it was, just a directional pad and a couple of buttons to perform various actions. We did get a PlayStation as well which I remember playing a bit, mainly Crash Bandicoot and Gran Turismo, and of course we never had the proper copies since nearly every PlayStation I came across was chipped and people would trade and loan copies to each other where we used to live.


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    My nan bought me my brother and two cousins a SEGA megadrive to play at her house when we went over. That was my first proper experience of gaming. I remember when I got my first console though, it was a PSone and it was Christmas and I saw a Woolworths ad (Yeh they weren't out of business back then!) and I saw a clip of Crash Bandicoot and thought, I have to play that!

    And the rest as they say, is history.

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    My mother bought me a Sega Master System, and i liked it.

    That's pretty much it.

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    Mum bought me a Sega Megdrive for my birthday one year, been pretty much hooken on gaming since then.

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    My gateway into gaming was an online game called Plantasia. It is this flash game where you have to plant plants and then you take care of them and harvest the flowers. I know it sounds stupid and I thought so too, but it was so addicting that I couldn't stop playing it. Then I looked around and found more online games. Another one of my favorites is called Burger Restaurant 2.

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    Sitting on my uncle's lap playing Mario Kart 64.
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    Quote Originally Posted by talentz View Post
    Sitting on my uncle's lap playing Mario Kart 64.
    That's awesome!

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