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    It's not just the video game side of WB/DC that like to milk Batman as much as possible it's just WB/DC in general. I just think theres so many characters in the DC universe that its a shame just to put so much focus on one of them. I know some will be harder to make good games for than others due to how powerful they are (Superman, Green Lantern and Flash) but I would love it if they did get games even just so I know that at least trying to expand on just Batman.

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    I don't think that there is any point in making a game 'just because'. Not every franchise is particularly suited to an action game adaption.

    I also don't think that any game based on a licensed IP has implemented a mechanic that is as true to the characters and somewhat unique, while still being incredibly fun, as Arkham's predator thing. Rocksteady truly captured the essence of Batman. If they or WB can do that with The Flash or the Green Lantern, then they absolutely should... but when you make a game for the sake of making a game, you end up with 007 Legends.

    Something that big fans will try to see the best in, despite being objectively terrible.

    I am a big Bond fan, so i'm glad they attempted the game and as such empathise with you, but i would personally rather WB make another Batman game.

    Anyway, the final DLC comes out next week. It was kind of pathetic that they released it a week early on PC to make up for the shambolic state of the game. Apologising to one part of the fanbase by effectively punishing another doesn't seem like a sound strategy to me.

    The achievements look a bit tougher than they previously have been. I've got the full gamerscore at the moment (as i do on all the Rocksteady games) and would like to maintain that. I replayed Season Of Infamy to unlock the 'prestige' Batsuit for the challenge maps.

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    Rocksteady nailed it with the Arkham series. It was the perfect blend between a new form of almost rhythm based combat married with the incredible predator stealth sections which finally captured the full feeling of what it is to "be the bat". the attention to detail, story and setting where just the full package which created the benchmark for what a superhero game should be, and why Arkham Asylum was a game changer for the industry.

    I don't know if any of you guys remember a game called 'Rise to honour' on the PS2 (jet li game) or even Blade 2 the game after it, but they both used the right analog stick to fight which was completely different. It was the first game/s I'd played where the character AI chose the correct move for the situation to create epic fight sequences like you see in the movies and you as the player just had to focus on timing, counters and dodging / blocking etc. I knew then they were onto something as pre-dating this its always been one button to kick, one to punch and one to block or the classic dynasty warriors style combat of light, strong and special moves and memorising combos.

    My point is they created a system that is now the staple of action games, and everyone has adopted it since. Its like how Kill:Switch (lesser known 3rd person cover based shooter on the PS2) and later how the more successful Gears of Wars series cover mechanic became the benchmark for ALL 3rd person shooters. The predator encounters while cool and fresh had been done losely before in stealth games like Splinter Cell, but they made these two systems seamless in Arkham which is why they are so great.

    For the flash, Superman, Wonder Woman etc. they NEED something that allows you to FEEL like you're that hero... and that's where the challenge lies. I think the great thing about Batman and why it worked so well is he has no powers, so his tactics fit perfectly into the gaming world of today and how we control characters.

    Superman and the flash's speed is a big concern for me, it would need to be some sort of slow motion I think to make it work like the matrix, which sounds complicated. Oh and flight... god does anyone remember the terrible ironman games? so hard to create flight and hover seamlessly it seems...
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