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    Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team - XBLA - PSN

    Warhammer 40,000 has always been something Iíve fascinated about. Not so much playing the strategy game, but the lore behind all of it has always intrigued me. Kill Team is a fast paced twin-stick shooter, which I do love. So with a combo like that I should give this game a pretty high score, but does it truly deserve it? WellÖ

    As much as I like the lore behind Warhammer, the story of Kill Team is very primitive. You play as one of 4 Space Marine classes as you storm through a Ork Battleship. Each chapter plays through a different section of the Battleship. You (and a co-op partner) run around completely destroying the Battleship until the Ship is down. Really the game wouldnít make much difference without a story, though I expected something better than this, knowing what Warhammer is.

    Kill Team plays like any other Twin stick shooter, Left Stick moves your character, Right Stick aims and shoots your weapon. A is for melee attacks, Y is for interacting with objectives and LB is to throw grenades. When you gain enough charge (given when killing enemies) you can active a special move to help destroy all enemies around you. Itís got simplistic controls which I believe it works really well, nothing new but it still really fun to pick up and play.

    Improvising in this game is more of a case of finding whatever explodes

    In Kill Team you play as 4 classes. The difference in characters are only through there Melee power, Ranged Power and their Special Move, which is kind of a let down
    Sternguard Veteran: A heavy based Ranged attacker, his special move is a temporary power up which doubles his Ranged attack and speed
    Librarian: A Balanced class with a slight more emphasis on his Melee weapon, his special is a Area of Effect shockwave instant killing everything in his radius
    Vanguard Veteran: A complete Melee based class, his special grants him double movement speed and Melee attack for a short amount of time
    Techmarine: Like the Librarian, but most based on ranged, his special deploys a powerful turret to hold off enemies.
    Overall as much as I hate to admit it, Sternguard Veteran is the only class which I enjoy. The problem with Kill Team is melee attackers are really handicapped as they throw themselves into hordes of enemies which can deplete you health quite quickly if your not careful. Ranged attackers can do the exact same damage as Melee and will barely gain a scratch. Really if you want an extremely hard challenge (or if youĎre really bloody stupid), go for the Librarian or Vanguard. Techmarine isnít that great either, for a ranged class he only makes up for his turret, which requires a lot of charge between uses.

    Kill team also feature unlockable perks and weapons. Each character can select One melee and ranged weapon. Itís best you go for whatever your class specifies in (e.g. Sternguardís Ranged Weapon). And all classes can choose up to 2 perks to use during the level. Perks usually cover Health upgrades, Damage upgrades, Longer Special move durations etc. The way to unlock them is simply put, kill as much as you can. That seems to be the only strategy in the entire game, not that it isnít obvious. Overall the weapons and perks are definitely worth fighting for. The gameís not so easy but the weapons and perks definitely make a better playing experience.

    As well as Weapons and Perks there are also in game temporary power ups. These power ups can help you endure more big situations. The power ups can grant you (and your co-op partner when he stands close to you) temporary weapon upgrades (Rapid fire double, triple and quadruple fire), constant health regeneration (even during combat) and even invincibility. The power ups however are extremely overpowering. You can blaze through stacks of enemies without getting a scratch. Though it continues on about my point on how useless the melee classes are compared to the ranged, thereís no melee power ups.

    So you carry a massive Chainsaw Blade of Death and you decide your weapon of choice is a pistol?

    If all this running and gunning is boring you, do not fear, there is also some slight collecting to do. There are 10 collectables scattered across each level. They are quite well hidden so you should look at every nook and cranny in each level. The collectables do bring a new challenge to the table as a little side quest. Though some of the places they picked were ridiculous. I remember very well the second level where I had collected all the other collectables on my first try, after you beat the boss of the level youíll see the final collectable dead in front of you, just across a bridge. I went to go pick it up but as soon as a hit the bridge it said Level Complete and forced me to not get the final collectable. Itís one of the biggest insults in a game Iíve seen

    The visuals for this game are actually quite good,. For a downloadable title the graphics not only look good, but in terms of Warhammer itís really authentic. Theyíre definitely a high detail of polish, but not enough to see my face in my shoes in (for those of you at home struggling to understand that clever metaphor, itís good, not pretty but itís great for a downloadable title).
    Usually Iíd comment here about the soundtrack, but unfortunately Kill Team has none, and even if it did I could barely here it over the vast amounts of Ork slaying I had to do. The only sounds you can probably hear is the massive amounts of Cockney Orks telling you to ďSod offĒ all the time and the extremely boring over voice of the General. So audio is a pretty low point for me

    This is the only Librarian I'll actually stop talking in the Library for

    Now hereís the part of the review Iíve been dying to talk about, The Multiplayer, or should I say, The lack of Multiplayer. You can get co-op sure and after playing with a mate it sure is fun. But the most disgusting thing about this game is that itís only local. You make an addicting twin stick shooter that is practically screaming for 2 people and the only way to get this game is through digital download, and you still donít put in a Online Co-op service. Iím sure that making an online mode isnít cheap but when you make a game like Kill Team thereís almost no excuse not to put it in. Itís like Spore if you take away all forms of customisation and had to stick with default creations. It would just make this game a whole lot better if they added it. I certainly would of scored it higher, speaking of which;

    If I had to choose a word to fully describe Warhammer Kill Team, it would be ďexploitableĒ. Every weapon upgrade, power up, special move and perk can really destroy almost every aspect of challenge in this game
    But in short Warhammer Kill Team is like throwing a brick into a old, unused washing machine. Straight away youíll see itís broken (or at least breaking) and youíll use this as your biggest advantage to have fun and itís limited at that. Oh well, at least it becomes a clean game

    + Chaotic gameplay
    + Impressive visuals for a downloadable title
    - Story and sound might as well not be included
    - Collectables can be placed in ridiculous spaces
    - A disgusting lack of Online features
    - The game can be easily exploited to ruin all difficulty


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    Nice review Raw, I agree the game was a bit of a let down and felt like an after thought which was a shame as it could've been brilliant.

    Warhammer 40K lore has always fascinated me as well and i'm hoping as more games are made in the universe it becomes less of a 'geeky table top game' and more mainstream. Mainly as it is as deep as lord of the rings and star wars and has as much scope as a game like mass effect for content. Warhammer 40K is so detailed and fleshed out it has so much more potential than just hack n' slash or dual stick shooters. I hope we see more games like Space Marine in the future.

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    Red face

    Brilliant review. The game seem to be a little letting down then. but i still love it very much. hope more!
    No advertising. /gif~

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    iv never really tryed one of these games before but after reading this i think i might thank you

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    great warhammer game gonna try this one for sure!

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    ah i always thought these game where okay but they are all the same despite the potential of making a whole universe they stick with the same ideas

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    Good review, I also played this game and honestly I don't think it does justice to the Warhammer name. I prefer the PC based Warhammer: Dawn of War 1 & 2. Needless to say this is my least favorite Warhammer video game release.

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