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    Whether resetting fractures, pitting yourself in an epic crab battle, or wading down a river of the dead, the variety is spectacular.
    Although I've only played the Snake Eater Version, Subsistence sounds like it is worth the try.
    Thanks for the review, it helped!


    -Penny D

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    I think that MGS 3 is not mandatory to understand the story

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    This analysis was too short! In any moment you talked about the gameplay or the difference of this game with the previous "metal gears" games.

    I mean, this is the first metal gear game who introduced the use of camouflage; depending on the environment, some camouflage could help more than other and some of them could totally screw you over! You could finally adjust the camera and the enemy artificial intelligence increased a lot;they could hear you approaching if you were not stealthy enough, while in previous games they could only hear you if you cause an explosion, shoot or if you stepped in metal!

    Also, in this game you could feel hungry and get sick, so you need to collect food and medications!

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