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    Guardian Heroes - XBLA

    NOTE: This is a review of the more recent Xbox Live Arcade remake, not the original Sega Saturn game

    Letís face it, Beat emí Ups and Hack ní Slashers are the most simple form of entertainment you can have in the video game industry. Whatís not to love about destroying endless hordes of enemies with nothing but you and your highly overpowered abilities? Beat emí Ups are the easiest genre for picking up and playing, regardless of whatever skill you have in Gaming. Guardian Heroes was considered one of the best games on the Sega Saturn, in fact so good and so rare that it would cost more than a Guitar Hero Band Set for a mint condition of the game. Unfortunately those people trying to sell it at that price are pretty much buggered with the new Xbox Live Arcade remake.

    The story begins with 4 heroes Han, (a Swordsman) Randy, (a Mage) Ginjirou (a Ninja) and Nicole (another Mage). They are resting after collecting an Epic Sword, capable of incredible power. However shortly after their moment of celebration, Royal Knights come in to invade, seeking the sword. So the team Hack n Slash through the guards and become wanted. However whilst trying to escape you run into a Cemetery and the Sword resurrects a Golden Knight, which was the Swordís original owner. The Golden Knight becomes the teams ally. The Royal Army has been ordered to stop you at all costs, ordered by the nefarious Wizard Kanon. Now the team must strike back at the Royal Army for there lives at for the fate of the world.
    There is so much more to the story that unfortunately would be spoiling it for you. The story does go through different paths depended to where you go and your actions. There are also multiple endings so thereís a lot of Replay Value to be had. But overall the story itself is really interesting. Admittedly youíll get tired of going through the prologue and a certain scene in the middle of the game over and over, but there is a fast forward button, so you wonĎt be tediously sitting through it all multiple times. But other than that the story, while not the best, it does keep things entertaining.

    But story should be the least of your concerns in a Beat emí Up, itís all about the intense, ball-busting action. X and Y does all your melee attacks whilst B does all the magical attacks. Special Moves are done by inputting control stick maneuvers, like quarter circle forwards. Itís a very good battling system. Whatís brilliant about the gameplay is how anyone can pick up and play this game almost instantly. In fact, I didnít even look at the movesets of characters until I went through the Story Mode twice. Throughout the game you will level up by getting as many hits on the enemy. Each level gives you bonus point to upgrade your stats. You have your average RPG stats such as Strength, Vitality, Intellect, Mentality, Agility and Luck. Itís obvious what to go for with your character.

    Pink Knights? Gay Clowns? I knew this wasn't a real mans game =\

    Most characters have movesets but Iíll just briefly go through the main 4
    Han: Heís the melee attacker. swinging his two handed sword around with only one hand like heís The Incredible Hulk with a Butter Knife. As the melee attacker you better go for Vitality and Strength. He hasnít got a lot of magical abilities, not that his needs it. He has simple combos mainly some through mashing the same button. He does have a lot of flashy moves which can do some amazing damage. Overall Han is probably my favourite character. You certainly feel powerful despite youíre playing as a cocky version of Link from Legend of Zelda.
    Randy: As the mage Randy hasnít got a lot of health and vitality doesnít help him much. Youíre best bet with him is to spam all the magic you can. Intellect and Mentality definitely help here. He canít do massive amounts of combos either. Heís not a versatile character but definitely has the best magical spells in the game. Nevertheless it really is just spam all you can like your Ryu from Street Fighter.
    Ginjirou: For most of my time spent as Ginjirou Iíve never looked at his moveset. Ginjirou is absolutely combo crazy. Heís a melee attacker, like Han, but replaced with Speed than Power. He has a good range of Magical abilities too, though I find them quite redundant with the ridiculous amounts of damage you can do just from regular combos. Vitality, Strength and Agility are your best bet, though you could go for Intellect and Mentality too if you really want the best of his Magic abilities. He is probably the most versatile character in the game.
    Nicole: Nicole is a Mage like Randy however plays so much more different to him. Nicoleís main gimmick is that she is a random character. She has a range of magical abilities and she is the only character who can heal herself very useful, but costs lots of magic to do so. Intellect, Mentality and Luck is the best way to go for her. Luck especially helps has sheís such a unpredictable character, she can be the weakest and the most powerful character at the same time.

    I don't even want to ask what he is doing to that dog

    The visuals of Guardian Heroes have been re-mastered for the XBLA version. The environments and settings take place in various places. Medieval cities, Cemeteries, Forests the list goes on. The character models are probably the most noticeable changes. They look a lot more clean, though some characters do look like something from a flash game. Overall I like the visual updates, it brings a fresher feel to the game, making it even more enjoyable. Another good thing is that if youíre not so keen on the newer graphics and you would prefer to use the old visuals, the game comes complete with the original and the re-mastered graphics. So it really is like buying the original game all over again (which now makes the note at the beginning of the review redundant).

    The soundtrack is the only thing not to have changed for the remake. But then again, the soundtrack was extremely good back on the original, so changing it would be ruining it. Itís hard to explain the soundtrack for Guardian Heroes. Itís a very mixed bag, with plenty of different genres. Despite the variety the game always has a soundtrack to suit the mood and atmosphere. For me, thereís only one or two songs which donít tickle my fancy but the rest of the soundtrack is good enough anyway.

    This looked like it was going to be a serious battle to the death until Player 12 showed up

    There is but only one thing thatís been added to the game which isnít in the original, The Arena Mode. You and up to 11 other players can battle it out in a massive free for all. Pretty much every character, enemy, ally and citizen in the story mode can be played as. The Arena Mode is a lot of fun with a full group however it does not have a lot of depth put into it. You fight for fun and pretty much nothing else. No Leaderboards, no Exp Points, no Upgrade system, nothing. Just fighting for the sake of fighting. Admittedly though this doesnít bother me so much because the gameís main focus is not in itís Multiplayer.

    This is a first for me, but I can not find anything wrong with this game, at all. I may have said little things here and there but none of those flaws even scratch the overall experience of it. The game is perfect and gives nothing but pure fun from start to end. If youíve ever enjoyed any side scrolling beat em up then this should definitely stay in your games list. For the price of 800 Microsoft Points is almost seems to good to be true, but thankfully it is.

    + Perfect Gameplay
    + Impressive amount of characters to play as
    + Overall atmosphere and experience is nothing but pure fun
    + Really well presented, even after 15 years
    + Online can offer plenty amounts of fun, even without itís depth


    (10ís are games which are Perfect and nothing short of that. Even if it has flaws they are so minuscule that they donít effect the overall experience. Buy it, Rent it, Steal it just do whatever you can the get this game in your list)

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    Looks a bit like Castle Crashers. I may have to pick this up.

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    This one is a wonderful choice for leisure life after getting off work!
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    sometimes i think that my boyfriend love this game more then me ))

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    this is a very good review did you write it yourself? thanks anyway these kind of games are very good

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    Good post gams. I like it


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    cool fighting game i will try this game out got very classic design to it indeed!

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    Great games. Guardian Heroes - XBLA.
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    Games that get rid of our tiredness after a day of work.. Great choice..
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    Guardian Heroes - XBLA. Thanks for share
    Fun games friv

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