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    Personally I disliked the campaign, normal campaigns like that I can do in a couple of sessions, but this one took longer & was more a bore & a drag. There was only one good bit in the game & that was

    I also find it funny in

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    Great game, nice review. They did a great job with the graphics on this one.

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    hello, im addicted to this game. i will rate it 10/10
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    I love Bf3 more and more everyday. It's so good.

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    i enjoyed the campaign probably cause i played it over a good few days only a few levels at a time

    but man o man the multiplayer its amazing
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    I'm addicted to the game. I play on PC and it is setup a bit differently. I also have the Premium thing.

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    Bf3 is one of the best games i have played in quite some time. The campaign is not much to brag about, however the multiplayer is quite amazing. It never gets old playing over and over. The rating for the game was fair and pretty accurate. Something that should change is just making these games strictly multiplayer.
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    Great game and great review. What is there left to say? Buy it and play it if you haven't already done that.

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    My rating on the game would be 8.5, but since they added the premium feature I've changed my mind to a full 9. I'd give it more but it has its flaws, though they have a lot to offer to FPS gamers, it's obviously better than call of duty - and has a lot faster paced gamemodes/maps, if you're playing conquest then obviously it's slow and very little action, but if you're playing on a small map, mainly rush or squads, it's going to be very hard and fast.

    Your review is really nice, keep it up - you also should apply to a game review site as a writer!

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