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    Battlefield 3 - PS3, XBOX 360, PC

    Battlefield 3 Ė PS3, 360, PC

    Battlefield 3 is one of the most anticipated games of 2011. It has a huge online following and is world renowned for its epic maps and a drive towards team play.
    So does it live up to the expectations set my BF2 or fall by the wayside?

    Well if there ever was a Ying and Yang game released it is certainly thisÖ.

    Single player:

    Where the story of BF2 was a humorous one BF3 is very serious indeed. It follows the story of Lt Blackburn, A US marine who seems to of been caught on the wrong side a few to many times and is now being interrogated by the government (Sounds like black ops?) Anyways Humour as I said is totally absent in this game. Through the story one of your colleagues gets executed in a typical Al-Qaeda type way, You have to save a European city from a WMD attack and have all the typical Glorified war type missions which you must complete. Despite all this the story isnít really all that immersive and I certainly wouldnít say itís anything special.
    You donít seem to build any kind of bond with the other characters in the game and itís hard to separate some of the playable characters from each other.
    Despite the vast maps the game play is quite linear and doesnít seem to give you the freedom of the predecessors. Although it is broken up quite well by missions in tanks and fighter jets it doesnít really fill you with excitement.
    The most frustrating part though is the imbalances in the game.
    Certain parts of the game are guaranteed to just kill you. The AI seems to be able to pick you out from miles away before you have even seen them and they tend to gang up on you!
    You can fly through large parts of the game with no issues then you get to a certain part and you will get killed umpteen times by seemingly invisible opponents.
    In summary though the single player is ok but itís a bit of a let down really.


    Now this is the complete opposite of the single player! As I said this game is true ying and yang and almost like 2 different games!
    The multiplayer as you would expect from a BF game is fantastic!
    The maps are HUGE and you are encouraged to use every last square inch of terrain to your advantage. Regardless of your play style there is a soldier type and terrain to suit you from high cliffs for the snipers to trenches and buildings for those CQC type players.

    As usual for BF you are split into squads of 4 and there are the usual game types.
    Rush, Conquest, Team rush, Team Conquest and TDM.

    There are 4 soldier types in the game Recon, Assault, Support and Engineer all of which have their own unlocks and perks.
    Now in my mind this is where the game really shines and walks all over COD.
    COD is filled with gobby kids and its all about getting a high K/D ratio.
    BF3 does not work like that, The mechanics are totally different.
    If you donít work as a team in BF3 you will not get far.

    Campers are usually taken out by snipers and if you donít have a Sniper on your team itís hard to find the oppositions Sniper.
    If you are wounded you will need a medic/support guy, they can even resuscitate you once you have been mowed down by a barrage of bullets!
    Armoured tank storming your base? No biggy as long as you have a few engineers to take it out.
    Lots of guys between you and the objective get ya assault lads in their and mow em down!

    Every single type of soldier is used and needed and one will appeal to everyone.
    Me personally I like to play Recon. Usually you would get called a camper for being a Sniper but I donít just make 600m head shots across the map, Oh no I spot the enemy for my team so they can take them out, I can even laser designate targets like tanks etc for the engineers to blow up.

    Everyone has a place and has the ability to earn points and rank up, Itís not just about K/D ratios (although mine is normally high when sniping) you earn points by supporting your team, following attack orders, healing your mates etc etc etc.

    So what sort of unlocks are there? Well this is the only thing that upset me slightly; they balanced the game out in regards to unlocks now this is both a good thing and a bad thing.

    Its good as regardless of what class you play the enemy still has a chance of taking you out. For instance as a Sniper you used to have a artillery strike now this was of great use and something I used to good effect in BF2 however it could be abused by someone who just sat miles away from anywhere and continually called in artillery and it was nigh on impossible to find them.
    In BF3 they have scrapped the artillery for recon which stops the problem but also leaves them totally defenseless against armour and unable to do any damage to objectives (or are theyÖ.)
    Instead however you have a UAV which you can fly around and spot all the ground troops.
    So as you can guess they have tried to move away from the incentives of getting large kill sprees and try to get the team working together more for the greater good.

    Also you have vehicles on the maps. Jets, Tanks, Choppers etc. All of these vehicles are there for you to use and exploit but again without support from the rest of the team you are likely to get blown up or shot down quickly.

    The multiplayer really is awesome and if like me you are bored of the repetitive nature of CODís multi player BF3 is the way to go.


    Apart from the frustrations mentioned above the game play is actually ok. Its fluid and the controls respond well. Although if you are going from COD to BF it will take a while to adapt to the new control system as you will find yourselves lobbing grenades or doing something else when you want to stab someone.
    Also like I said before the mechanics work differently bullets are effected by gravity like in the real world so if you want that 600m head shot you best do your calculations and not just aim in the direction of.


    The graphics are pretty much the same as BF2 to be honest but the game does have a few glitches both in single and multiplayer. These donít really subtract from the game but can be frustrating at times.
    There are places where you get screen tearing and it is not uncommon to see someoneís legs sticking through the side of a building or spotting a sniper buried in a hill side!
    Despite this more often than not you just have a chuckle and think oh well!


    The Sound is fantastic and really adds to the atmosphere of the game, you can hear bullets whistling past your ears and smashing into the wall behind you as well as the distinctive cracks of a distant .50 cal. Sometimes itís the only thing that will save you from being mowed down by a MG or give away the position of that pesky Sniper.


    As I said at the start this game is very much Ying and Yang. If you solely want a good single player campaign and you donít play online you can do better. But if you want a good multiplayer experience where you have to work as a team and really want to get something out of your game time BF3 is the way forward. It has its minor frustrations but it really is worth it especially when you get a thank-you over the mic for blowing the guys head off who was about to stab your mate in the back and tea bag him!


    ē Amazing multiplayer with everlasting re-play value
    ē Well balanced multiplayer, Even the worst players can be a valuable part of the team
    ē It will take you ages to unlock everything but it feels damn good when you get a better gun.


    ē Single player is a bit pants
    ē Minor frustrations
    ē Some graphical flaws but hopefully these will be patched with updates.

    Score: 8.5/10

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    Should deserve a 9.

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    Well ive rated it 8.5 based on the singleplayer downfalls. Otherwise it would be a 9

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    Blackburn was just a sergeant, not a lieutenant, but i was similarly unimpressed by the single player campaign.

    The Dima missions had the feel of a really bad Rainbow Six game, though i'll give the writers some credit for a more interesting take on Russian/American relations than most other video games.

    The only moment that really excited me was the end of Rock and a Hard Place.

    I borrowed it from my brother and didn't consider the multiplayer worth paying for an online pass to try out. The demo was mediocre, and given the litany of problems with the game i've read about, i doubt it improved much for the final release.

    Based on the single player portion alone, i'd give it a six. Even the latest Call of Juarez game was a better FPS experience.

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    The multiplayer itself I'd say is a good 9/9.5, the story's a drab 6/7 I'd say. Good review :~)
    Died Wearing A Purple Jacket.


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    Honey, I ****ed the kids

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    Thats just it RTW, It like I said its almost 2 totally different games! Single player is drab but the multiplayer pisses all over COD.

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    Not played much of the story but will continue it later . So far the multiplayer is brilliant. Very hard i found but worth every minute.

    Still think the score is a bit low for this one considering it brilliant on PC and on the console! Call of duty can suck it

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    Well if you have based your score mainly on multiplayer then I would agree with you, But progress through the story a little first and then see if you would agree with me

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    So far so good. BF3 has been far more fun to play then most recent FPS games

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    Do you play Back to Karkand ?
    I have this DLC and I think tjat is very good
    I love games.

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