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Thread: Final Fantasy 7

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    It depends which one your on about. But the Original Final Fantasy VII was pretty good. Some scenes I found funny, which probably weren't meant to be. Like the likes of Sephiroth falling down & stabbing Aerith through the back. Though if you talk about Crisis core that one was quite good as well. Well in my opinion it was. I'm awaiting the arrival on Versus XIII. Hoping it will be as good as the likes of VII. I honestly think Thirteen will become the new VII, Not in the aspect of better or that it will match but I reckon it might get a movie out of it as well. Though the Crystal Chronicles is meant to go on until XV Anyway..

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    (I discovered this mod by happy accident, not trying to promote it just wanna let other great FF7 fans know its about )

    If any of you guys have the PC version of FF7 you should seriously check out FF7 Remix 2.5.1, its basically a mod which a load of fans made separately. The world texture has been redone, optionally you can change the menu skin, the player portraits, the characters have been remodelled the materia has been slightly edited and some re-animated and the weapons have been remodelled.

    I personally think its a nice change to a still to this day amazing game . If anyone does decide to give it a go I'm happy to help if you need a link or have any issues .

    Link to Mod:

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    I took about ten years to finish this game finally. I started many different times and ended up deleting my file for one reason or another over the years. Last year was my first time finally finishing it. I really enjoyed it overall though, despite the dozens of restarts I did.

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