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    Quote Originally Posted by cronus70 View Post
    The perfect Nathan Drake already exists, but for the feckless studio dismissing one of the finest voice/character actors we have as not 'high profile' enough outside of the gaming community for a feature film!!

    Nolan North has been in both CSI and NCIS, albeit not in massive roles. Even so he's proven how good he is with the Uncharted games, my only qualm is he doesn't have the same ruggedness as Drake does. And I'm with others, Brendan Fraser could do it perfectly. Sure he's getting on a bit, but even so he'd be good for it I think.

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    Eh. I'm not sure i'd consider motion capture work to be all that close to "real acting". The Naughty Dog set up sounds more like a really elaborate stage with which to draw better voice performances. Motion capturing can always be touched up, and he doesn't really resemble Nathan Drake at all, so his input on facial expressions would be dubious, to me.

    I've seen him in Pretty Little Liars a few times, and it was only remarkable for that i recognised him as Desmond Miles. Is that the kind of person you cast as the lead in a blockbuster? I would say no.

    I guess the point is that both Nolan North and Brian Bloom have regularly stolen the show with their voice work. Even in small roles, like North's portrayal of Steven Heck in Alpha Protocol. Neither has really shown themselves able to do that with traditional acting work; they're better voice artists than they are actors.

    Though apparently Brian Bloom has an emmy for his role in some US soap in the 80s.

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    Sweet, Nathan Fillian would be my first choice for Drake

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