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    I'm a retro gamer myself. Half being retro and half being modern, but I still like the retro games such as Castlevania (Castlevania IV being superb), Super Mario, Rally-X, Pac-Man, all sorts. I even have some retro consoles of my own, like the SNES, Sega Genises, NES, N64 (or is that considered to be modern?) and some others I can't name off the top of my head.

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    I have no experiences like that these days though and I doubt I ever will recapture that magic ever again.

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    For me, it is because those days were magical. Today, we are constantly bombarded with computer generated images on everything we watch on television and every type of technology you can imagine. I remember when the Nintendo NES came out. Sure my Dad had the Atari and I played around on that, but this was something special. In a world with no cell phones, at least ones that could not be carried in your pocket, the nes was insane. I played Zelda, and my world would never be different. Now, all the games are common, no matter the graphics or gameplay. Society is used to it and expects to be wowed. Back then, we wern't wowed, we were blown the eff away.

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    Retro games are great because they aren't usually long winded, pretentious, fiddly or over complicated.

    The 16bit era for me is the greatest of the lot - Super Nintendo, Amiga, Atari ST and Megadrive. Classic, thank Thor and Zeus for emulators.

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    I can never decide whether games in the 90's really WERE awesome, or whether it's just because at the time, they were the best graphics ever, and now looking back you have nostalgic emotions attached to them.

    Either way, I love retro games.

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    There is nothing like retro gaming for me which is why I still have my Megadrive, Amiga, Saturn and Dreamcast set up and I am still enjoying them to this very day. Back then gaming just felt like something new and it was evolving right before our eyes with new experiences which we had never seen before.

    Also in the case of the home computer scene at the time there was nothing like finding a gem at your local PD library. I will never forget the sleepovers at my house where my friends played the likes of Air Taxi and Master Blaster on my Amiga in 5 player mode with my Amiga outputting to the monitor and a nearby TV set at the same time so we didn't all have to huddle around the monitor at once.

    I'll also never forget the tournaments we had with the likes of Mario Kart, Streetfighter II, Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat II as well.

    There is something about retro gaming that puts a huge smile on my face. Stick me in front of a Master System running Alex Kidd and it's like I am 8 and experiencing it for the first time again.

    Today gaming doesn't feel the same, with DRM that has caused me issues and companies seemingly afraid to take chances so that their shareholders remain happy it is a different ball-game now.

    All these companies releasing sales information, predictions, estimations and performance reports I feel like I need a business degree to be a modern gamer at times.
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    I like the retro games, (and by retro I mean like 1980's Atari type stuff) because they were simpler in concept and focused more greatly on hand eye coordination. It was all about getting your quarter's worth. My dad once flipped the score on Galaga, (that's over a million points on one quarter folks).

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    I love tons of the old stuff. Sadly the game (if you can call it that) I have the most nostalgia for was ET on the Atari. Yes; I know the game can fit onto the worse games ever list with out to many problems but it was the first game that I ever played; so for that I love it (even if it does hurt your eyes to look at all the green and black). I still enjoy playing Oregon Trail but its just not the same when its not on the old apple's. My favorate retro's games are sf2, darkcloud 1 and all the old megaman's. Nostalgia has a little to do with it but not really for me because I am always picking up an old game from the store when I can for my nes and snes and sometimes a ps1/2 . I am just lucky I think that there are tons of retro lovers where I live so I can walk into a store and get any old game and or system that I want. Working on getting me some sega stuff now.

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    If you're looking for sega stuff check out mystic defender on sega genesis. I use to kick butt on that one. It had pretty good graphics for its time.

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    I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of retro games. They'll never be as good as I remember them as a kid.

    ...except Crash Bandicoot. I'll never stop loving Crash Bandicoot. Ever.

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