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    Retro is just a word to sell 2d games to people who are too paranoid to buy them any more. This way everybody can have the best of both worlds. Videogames are videogames, their is no direct pattern of what games sell, and what is hot.

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    Definitely for the nostalgia and also the difficulty in gaming. Most modern games nowadays are just a little too easy. Games back then has that challenging element which makes finishing the game much more accomplishing.

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    We love retro games because they remind us of our childhood. When you think about it your childhood is such a magical time in your life and yet so short lived! I love booting up my NES or SNES and playing some Mario Brothers or Super Mario Kart every now and again it's just great! - All The Latest Racing Video Games News In One Place.

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    i love retro games because it brings back so much memory for me. the time when all i thinking about is the strategy on how to win the game (was playing mario back then) but today, here comes a lot of stressing game! I still prefer playing retro games rather than those 3D games (well,i admit sometimes).

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    I think we love the old games, because, we have many reviews of new videogames
    We see the videogame before playing!
    It's like a spoiler for the movie or Anime
    It's my opinion

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