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    Why do we love retro games?

    I like to think of EarthBound as my favorite retro game (and also my favorite overall game) but with all of today's advanced graphics and whatnot why does this still appeal to me so much? Perhaps it brings about nostalgic thoughts (I am a very nostalgic person) or perhaps it was the actual gameplay itself. It's true that video games were a huge part of my childhood and they helped define my interests that I have nowadays. Play me a song from EarthBound, Link to the Past, Chrono Trigger, or FF VII and I will instantly revert back to my childhood. I love these games much more than the multimillion dollar slick and shiny video games that are on the market now. Maybe I love them so much because I have real life stories attached to them. I'll always remember the first time I beat the elite four on Pokemon Yellow in my best friends garage, or the first time I beat Gannon in Ocarina of Time while my friends cheered me on. I have no experiences like that these days though and I doubt I ever will recapture that magic ever again.

    So what are your reasons for loving retro games? Is it nostalgia? Is it game play? Or is it something else entirely?

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    I imagine it's because those games are the ones that got many of us into gaming, and so we have fond memories of the first time we played such and such. For example, even though I love nearly every Zelda game that I've played since, the first one I played was LTTP, and that still remains my favourite.

    Plus for many people, gaming today has lost the charm it once had, whether it be the lack of originality, continual sequels etc. Again making it easier to look back into the past and remember all the magical moments we had when growing up.

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    I'd say it's for the nostalgia. Alot of the games I consider 'retro' are ones I played as a kid so they remind me of a more simple time when life wasn't as stressful lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanah View Post
    I'd say it's for the nostalgia. Alot of the games I consider 'retro' are ones I played as a kid so they remind me of a more simple time when life wasn't as stressful lol.
    I can't play retro games that I never played when I was younger simply because I don't get any nostalgia from it, and that's the only reason I play them.

    Sweet memories :'(

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    Partly nostalgia, partly because I love the games, partly because they're as good as if not better than today's games in my opinion.

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    I think it depend on how old the games are for me. For example one of my favorite retro titles is Metal Slug 3 But I've never played the game at an arcade(I've seen it a at a pizza place when i was a kid but never tried it)I own it on my Wii and one of my favorites.

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    I think mine is mostly nostalgia, the first game I can remember playing was Sonic 1 on mega drive, from then on, I played so so many games, , but because games have progressed so far since then, it feels so long ago now.

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    I like to play older games because they give you more of a challenge some of todays games are quick satisfaction and you're done, retro games made you work for it. And I also like it for the nostalgia too.

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    Orginal final fantasy's up to 9, megaman, resident evil and metroid i think the problem is that games are too easy nowadays, games back then actually required skill which would make you replay the same level 100 times just to find the answer, dont get me wrong they still exist to this day but its hard to find.

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    I think it is a mixture of nostalgia and the fact that modern games look pretty but are mostly the same as each other,i have been 100% a retro gamer now since i got rid of my next gen consoles a few years ago.
    I do think modern games focus too much on online multi-player to the point where single player on the game suffers and is shallow as a result.

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