Ultimately, I appreciate the shift to a more serious direction, as long as an innocence of some kind is maintained, I think it could allow for some of the characters to further reach their fullest of potential. For example, I hated the original X-Men animated series, but enjoyed X-Men: Evolution because it was more carefully crafted and constructed in-terms of formulating coherent storyline and the portrayal of storyline. Like, the new Spider-Man movie, I think was much more methodical, much more carefully created, and was more powerful than the previous movies. I still like the original movies, but at times they were more silly than anything, where as The Amazing Spider-Man had a charm of its own and was much more serious. I don't think of it as becoming "less comic-booky" but as evolving.

I don't see them as taking out what made me love superheroes, but taking out some of the flaws, and improving. Just because something is old, doesn't mean it is perfect, and the superhero genre of things was far from perfect.