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    Preview: Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed

    I am honestly not the type to openly admit to my fanboyisms, but damn do I love Sonic the Hedgehog. Well, I must be a fanboy now as I just went to a whole convention about the blue bugger. Yes I have been to Summer of Sonic 2012 and it was really good. There was so much happening from live music events, quizzes, interviews with Sumo Digital and Iizuka-San etc. It was a good day and I would definitely go again. Also available there was a demo of Sonic 4: Episode 2 (which Iíll get around to review soon) and Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed.

    So the main focus of Transformed is the ability to transform your vehicle into a Land vehicle, a Water Vehicle and an Air Vehicle. I really like this concept. The ability to have land, water and air vehicles is very reminiscent to Diddy Kong Racing and, ugh, Mario Kart 7. The way you change your vehicle is simply driving through gates which change the vehicle for you.
    The land vehicle controls feel almost exactly the same as they were in All Stars Racing 1. This is good because nothing needed to be changed about the gameplay for that. The Water vehicle controls feel somewhat similar to Hydro Thunder or Wave Racer. Lastly the Air vehicle controls are a lot like the Planes in Diddy Kong Racing. Overall each vehicle feels great to play.
    Few changes to the system is now the tricks are performed with the Right Stick instead of the drift button and the boost from drifting are now depend on how long you charge it for instead of being a three level system.

    I had four goes on this demo and I tried out all of the newcomers and, for the sake of him being my favourite Sonic character, Knuckles. The playable newcomers are Gilius Thunderhead from Golden, Vyse from Skies of Arcadia and Joe Musashi from Shinobi. Gilius takes the role of the standard Heavywieght class, with Great speed and Boost but terrible acceleration and Handling. Vyse also plays as a heavyweight but has better speed but the worse handling, compared to Gilius. Joe plays as a Mediumweight with average stats for every except boost which he excels in. Knuckles however has stats which seems a tad overpowered. He has average acceleration and boost but top speed and handling. The other characters have stats which go below the average and none of Knuckles seem to go below that. Nevertheless each character feels really good to play with. I could definitely tell the difference between each character even with them both being the same class.

    The items in this game are as followed:
    Snowballs: 3 non-homing projectiles which slow to opponent down
    Catcher Mitt: A baseball glove which covers the rear end of the vehicle and catches whatever item is thrown at it so you may use that item.
    Toy Car: A miniature version of your vehicle which acts as a homing missile.
    Pufferfish: basically the Banana of Transformed, but not as common.
    Swarm of bees: Three Swarms of Bees spawn in front of first place and slow first place down if hit. Basically a Blue Shell you can avoid (thank God).
    Booster: Mushroom, Speed Shoes, itís the variant of those but designed like the speed booster of the stage.
    Overall the effects of the items are superior to the first All Stars Racing and even Mario Kart. But my complaint (and possibly the only real complaint I have with this game so far) is that they feel really uninspired. I would have liked some items based on Sega IP, like a Samba de Amigo styled maraca which acts as a homing missile or Buzzbombers instead of the Bee Swarms.

    Also I should mention that All Star moves have made it back and they arenít gained from item boxes. You have to fill up a meter to activate them. Throughout the course you will see coins with star shapes on them which will help build the meter up. Another way to build up the meter is to perform certain actions like Double flip tricks etc. This is good as in the first game you had to stay in dead last to even have a chance to obtain an All Star Move, now through this meter system you can actually get an All Star Move in any position. As for the actual move itself, I wasnít able to obtain one nor did I see anyone else obtain so unfortunately I cannot tell you what they are like. Also what was said at SoS that All Star Moves will be available online and might be able to activate more than one at the same time.

    The three playable tracks were Dragon Canyon (based on Panzer Dragoon), Temple Trouble (based on Super Monkey Ball) and Adderís Lair (based on Golden Axe).
    Dragon Canyon is a track which bases each lap around a vehicle. First lap is a complete land based track, second is a water lap and last lap is a flying lap. The actual course itself changes route throughout each lap which is very impressive.
    Temple Trouble is a Land and Water only map where you start at the top of a Temple, climb down it and get teleported back to the top. Nothing changes in this map, some obstacles become harder to avoid but the route stays the same.
    Adderís Lair has to be my favourite of the 3. Itís Land, Flying and Lava driving and is said to be one of the harder tracks of the game. The visuals in the map look fantastic and the course gets harder through the destruction occurring on the track, progressively getting worse as the race goes on.
    Overall the courses are fantastic. Not only is it great how the courses change throughout the race the courses are really long, average times can go to 4 or 5 minutes, even 8 minutes on Adderís Lair.

    This demo was fantastic. It really shows what this game is capable of and itís only a demo build. My only real complaint is the items being uninspired but thatís it really. I really can't wait to see the game in full.

    Predicted Score
    8.5 Ė 9.0

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    this games have really good graphics thanks for telling me about them

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    nice game seems like a different game though that last picture but must be the lighting effects though

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    I'm very please to see Shinobi in the character roster.

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